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    Asilah Bag Charm 3 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 3 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Asilah Bag Charm 4 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 4 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Asilah Bag Charm 8 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 8 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Asilah Bag Charm 7 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 7 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Asilah Bag Charm 6 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 6 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Asilah Bag Charm 2 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 2 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Asilah Bag Charm 5 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 5 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Asilah Bag Charm 1 On Sale
    Asilah Bag Charm 1 ₱980.00 ₱490.00
    Socco Bracelet On Sale
    Socco Bracelet ₱980.00 ₱599.00
    Dirham Duo On Sale
    Dirham Duo ₱3,500.00 ₱2,999.00
    Moonstone Bezel Ring On Sale
    Moonstone Bezel Ring ₱1,500.00 ₱999.00
    Onyx Bezel Ring On Sale
    Onyx Bezel Ring ₱1,500.00 ₱999.00
    Garnet Gypsy Ring On Sale
    Garnet Gypsy Ring ₱2,000.00 ₱1,199.00
    Onyx Vilnius Ring On Sale
    Onyx Vilnius Ring ₱2,000.00 ₱1,199.00
    Hickory Drops On Sale
    Hickory Drops ₱2,200.00 ₱1,199.00
    Peony Bracelet Trio On Sale
    Peony Bracelet Trio ₱1,480.00 ₱799.00

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    Lots of Love & Light at Rekindle's Preview Party

    We teamed up with wedding photographer Sheila Juan Catilo for Rekindle, which is made up of 3 collections named after Sheila's daughters and inspired by nature's elements.  Necklaces from the Sky Collection Coco Nail Studio at the Madison Galeries in Alabang...

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    Blog Giveaway: Win pieces from our Anniv Collection

    Part of our third-year anniversary celebration is our new collaboration with Cat Juan Ledesma. Cat is giving away these beautiful pieces from our Spectral Soiree Anniversary Collection to one grand winner.  Bangle bracelet featuring an 18K band embellished with 3...

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    It's A Spectral Soiree

    For Heyjow’s third birthday, we arranged a virtual dinner party of sorts. Dubbed as “Spectral Soiree”, our 3rd Anniversary Collection features pieces that will make an evening rendezvous a more memorable affair.  Corsage Ring in Cerulean Rendered in dusky hues and boasting...

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