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For Heyjow’s 7th Anniversary Collection, we go back to what is enduring – and what has continually inspired us in all that we do. Life indoors has made us look forward to the sight of flowering plants, towering trees and even just a little patch of green – and this has given new meaning to the nature-inspired elements that Heyjow has been known for.

Mixing minimalist elements with more playful details, this collection features gold-dipped foliage and creatures that call forth our sense of adventure. Modern medallions come in the form of bejeweled bugs and charms that hint at wanderlust. Chains take on exotic textures and come in multi-wearable options while vibrant tassels finish off statement layering sets that are reminiscent of blossoming fields. Through this collection, we hope to transport you to your favorite nature spot – and remind you that there is still room to play, dream and create – even amidst the changes.

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