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Azure Paradise 2021

There’s something about the warm summer months that beckon you to slow down. To sit back and bask in the glow of the sun and the vivid colors around you.

Everyday is an exercise in gratitude and an a reminder to live your life to the fullest. So We say put on that dress, paint those nails and layer all your pieces. Set the table, fill that glass and toast to better days ahead.

Let us help you set the mood for celebrating the everyday with our latest Summer collection.

Rich golds chains in a variety of sizes mixed with pearls, beads, stones and nature inspired pendants that perfectly exude the light anything-is-possible attitude that go hand in hand with the season.

Here’s to always looking at the bright side of life!

Blue- the perfect color to soothe, calm and heal. No wonder its everyone’s favorite! This season we took inspiration from our past travels and bucket list destinations to bring you pieces that represent the gorgeous turquoise waters of Greece, the tranquil mountain streams of Japan and the deep lapiz lazuli of our beautiful Philippine seas. We paired these stones with gold discs, aquatic pendants and beautiful gold chains in a variety of lengths and sizes. So pile them on, layer them with abandon and soak in the cool energy that they exude until we can once again be reunited with the waters that we miss so dear.

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Azure Paradise - Kohala


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