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    Heyjow goes back to the sea for our first collection of the year called H2O. Inspired by water's life-giving, soothing and renewing effects, beaded jewelry and chains are re-imagined to capture the ebb and flow of water, expressed in shapes, gradients and multicolored elements that call to mind ripples and the play of light. Pantone's color of the year, Classic Blue, is interpreted in turquoise and aquamarine stones and are complemented with sea creatures accents for a carefree touch. Swimming further into the depths will unveilĀ pearls and coral-inspired sets with rich textures. It's a collection that's as inviting as crystal clear water in a far-off island - and you can't help but dive right in!

    H20 - Sabina 1
    H20 - Sabina 1 ₱3,250.00
    H20 - Sabina 2
    H20 - Sabina 2 ₱3,250.00
    H20 - Azalea
    H20 - Azalea ₱3,500.00
    H20 - Nola
    H20 - Nola ₱2,999.00
    H20 - Harlow
    H20 - Harlow ₱3,500.00
    H20 - Astrid
    H20 - Astrid ₱3,500.00
    H20 - Elyse
    H20 - Elyse ₱4,800.00
    H20 - Nara
    H20 - Nara ₱2,750.00