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    We’re kickstarting 2021 with a come what may attitude. New Year, new mood.

    This collection is about embracing all aspects of one’s personality and letting them shine.

    In the process of designing, we found ourselves reaching out for tough and heavy hardware in the form of golden links and pairing them with everything from grounded earthly elements like wood, agate, and shells, serene and celestial charms that would make any zodiac sign proud, and vibrant, optimistic enamel pieces that add just the right pop to any ensemble.

    Our best-selling multi-wear pieces are definitely making a comeback. This time, however, they are matched with unexpected elements, can be worn in a myriad of new ways, and will be customizable very soon.

    To round out the collection, classic #Heyjowlayers will come in a slew of different lengths and combinations from dainty drippers to chunky collarbone sweepers. Whatever your vibe may be, we’ve got you covered.

    So take your pick, pile on your favorites, and create your own special talisman. Let the year follow where the mood takes you---the possibilities are endless. #HeyjowWoman, welcome to your most dynamic and colorful season yet!
    Mood - Nassa
    Mood - Nassa ₱3,500.00
    Mood - Catalina
    Mood - Catalina ₱4,650.00
    Mood - Camila
    Mood - Camila ₱5,650.00
    Mood - Zia
    Mood - Zia ₱1,850.00
    Mood - Dara
    Mood - Dara ₱3,250.00
    Mood - Isobel
    Mood - Isobel ₱3,850.00
    Mood - Ora
    Mood - Ora ₱3,250.00
    Mood - Lune
    Mood - Lune ₱1,999.00
    Mood - Callie
    Mood - Callie ₱1,999.00
    Mood - Kamala
    Mood - Kamala ₱2,499.00