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Be a Violet Femme this February

The color red is most associated with love and passion, but there is another hue that can be as romantic.

Violet, the color of royalty and luxury, exudes a mysterious sensibility. From light pinkish violet to mauve and intense purple, violet shades represent imagination, high ideals and originality.

Violet is also the color for enlightenment - the harmony of mind and emotions - and this also rings true for February’s birthstone, the amethyst.

Amethyst is known to improve concentration and memory. It helps ward off negative vibes, encourages spiritual wisdom and has a calming effect.

Radiate mystery and whimsy with Heyjow’s pieces that feature this violet quartz in dreamy hues that will finish off your look with the glisten it needs.

For a different take on romantic dressing, skip the red and go for the enigmatic violet. Check out Heyjow's:

About the Author

Kathrina Paz Elefante is Associate Editor at Manila Bulletin. She writes feature stories about local travel, dining, health and wellness, and arts and culture.

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