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    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Holiday Tablescape

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Holiday Tablescape

    It’s the season of good food, time spent with friends and family. Our favorite moments usually happens at the Christmas dinner table but since gathering is not allowed, tablescapes can be a festive backdrop to your virtual celebrations.

    Here are 7 tips from Indy of Smitten Event and Design (@smittenevents_) to inspire your dinner table and welcome 2021!


    1. Use curtains or bedcovers as tablecovers.


    2. Use yard or garden clippings or Christmas greenery to add some life to your table décor.


    3. Don't forget to add a light element - candles or fairy lights add to the mood and help create that special glow.


    4. Don't be afraid to layer.


    5. Layer a patterned or bright solid colored napkin on top of it to create contrast.


    6. Make use of Christmas ribbons as napkin rings, and spruce it up with other Christmas elements.


    7. Don't forget to add some personal touches, like small gifts for each person. Maybe a cookie or trinket. It doesn't have to be expensive, the thought counts.



    1. Joana Gube (@joanabgube

    2. Chippy Ledesma (@chippyledesma


    3. Mica Canto (@tidilyeverafter

    4. Indy Ycasiano (@indyplayground

    5. Lora Fonacier (@loragfo


    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Kim's Glowing Christmas

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Kim's Glowing Christmas

    There are countless traditions that we incorporate into our Christmas celebration. We decorate our homes with all kinds of ribbons, ornaments, lights, and glitter.

    I catch up with Kim Kelly (@frenchtipsandnudenails), a good friend of mine in Hawaii, to see how her personality and style shines out this season!

    What’s your personal style?

    "I would say my style is definitely classic/basic with a mix of high/low. I love mixing high-end brands with affordable pieces."

    How would you describe your Christmas theme this year?

    "I would say golden! With everything that’s going on in the world, I wanted our little house to be festive, and glam yet cozy. I’ve also bought pieces this year that are more cost-effective. My fave pieces for this year came from Target and Anthropologie."

    How did you discover your passion for interior design/styling?
    "I’ve always been passionate about fashion; so my love for interior design just came naturally. My fashion style definitely reflects my home. But also, my husband who has always been working behind the scenes in Hollywood shows and movies, has totally inspired me, too. He’s very passionate about architecture in different movie sets, and so his passion is rubbing on me as well."
    Kim with her husband, and kids by the beach in Hawaii

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Christmas Edition

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Christmas Edition

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Check out how our friends give their homes some style, sparkle and shine this holiday season!

    Chippy Ledesma (@chippyledesma) - Ikat and Local Touch

    Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo) - Quirky Finds

    Ayessa of Undiplomatic Wife (@undiplomaticwife) - Minimaluxe

    Aliza Apostol-Goco (@mustlovemom) - Classic Red and Bold

    Ninna Del Mundo (@ninnadelmundoart) - Boheme Modern

    Indy Ycasiano (@indyplayground) - Rustic Cheer




    Bianca Santiago-Reinoso (@biancassantiago) - Nordic Style


    Gin Panlilio-Samson (@_ginpan) - Merry Minimal

    Kaho of Chuzai Living (@chuzailiving) - Sparkly Glow

    Mica Santayana Canto (@tidilyeverafter) - Christmas Glam


    Decorating each year brings many joys along with it. I hope you enjoyed this Holiday spin of our Quarantine corners!

    Merry Christmas!



    The Heyjow Team!

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: How to make holiday decorating more meaningful by Chief Jeweler Joana

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: How to make holiday decorating more meaningful by Chief Jeweler Joana

     The holiday season is always a good time to create meaningful family experiences – and although we are still limited by restrictions and health precautions, we can still create a joyful atmosphere at home starting with meaningful holiday decorations.


    Our Chief Jeweler Joana Gube shares some practical tips you can consider to make your Christmas tree decorating a heart-warming family tradition:

    Make your kids part of the project.

    “My top tip for moms is to seek inspiration from your kids. Ask them what they want to see on your family’s Christmas tree. You’ll often get some creative responses that you can use as your starting point. Also, it gives you the opportunity to make the process a bonding experience."

    "For instance, our theme for last Christmas was a pastel color palette with fun ornaments like candies, cupcakes, and lollipops. The idea began by asking my kids what they were interested in at the time.”


    Christmas tree theme dedicated to my daughter, Lily with paper decorations from @mabbymakes

    Pick your theme and main elements.

    “What I’ve learned through the years was that it’s important to apply some restraint to your theme in order to decorate a Christmas tree that looks harmonious and well-put-together. Otherwise, it ends up looking messy and visually cluttered."

    "My process is simple: I come up with two or three key ideas that I want to express, and then look online for materials and ornaments that will help me express those ideas. For our 2020 Christmas tree, I was guided by these two design ideas: (1) to use native materials and textures such as capiz and (2) a color palette consisting of hints of gold set on a backdrop of neutral colors."

    Rattan tree collar from @the_tree_collar

    Our theme for this year is neutral with a touch of gold. 


    I started to do themed Christmas trimmings when my first son was born. I wanted it to be unique since it was his first Christmas.

    Christmas tree theme for Isaiah

    "Every year since then, I’ve done a theme that’s inspired by a family member. I once did a “minimalist” Christmas theme because my husband likes simple aesthetics and monotone color palettes.”

    Minimalist theme for my husband

    Choose trimmings that tell a story.

    “It’s a challenge to buy decors this year because the pandemic doesn’t allow me to go out in malls and markets to look for Christmas decorations. But I’m blessed to have friends who are so helpful and supportive. This year, my friend, Chippy Ledesma, who is a talented stylist and an avid decorator, helped me source our decors. Often, I source decors online and in malls. I also make an effort to try to support local brands and those who create one-of-a-kind decors. Last year, for instance, I asked paper artist, @mabbymakes to make custom decors for us. I love customized decors because it makes the Christmas theme more meaningful. Finally, whenever we travel, I’ll always get some Christmas decors as a souvenir.”

    Felt decors from @feltsophfun

    Hand-made felt decor by @mabbymakes


    Take your time and enjoy every minute.

    “I usually don’t have an entire day to dedicate to assembling our Christmas tree, so I’ll often work on it a few minutes a day, until it’s done. It shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should be relaxing and joyful. I try to get everyone in the family involved because it makes the process of putting up a Christmas tree a fun and meaningful experience, rather than just a “to-do” item that needs to be checked off once a year."

    "With that said, I have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, and so it can get wild and crazy really quickly! I’ll just let them do their thing and then I’ll just rearrange the ornaments later on if I need to. We also have a small Christmas tree that the kids can decorate any way they want, for when I need to distract them while I put up the more delicate ornamental pieces.”


    Our Christmas tree themes from 2016-2020


    Enjoy decorating your tree, and Happy Holidays!

    Love, Joana

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Las Arca founder Max, on evolving ideas and spaces

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Las Arca founder Max, on evolving ideas and spaces

    For a good part of the year, our homes have become our daily workspace – and for entrepreneurs like Max Ignacio-Liwanag, her home has become an extension of their headquarters. Max is the founder of Las Arca, a brand known for beautifully curated gift boxes, which she started in the dining room of her dad’s house 3 years ago.


    She shares with us how she and her team have adapted to working remotely and what ideas they were able to come up with while in quarantine. She also tells us about an exciting new chapter for Las Arca – and gives us a sneak peek of their dream office space.


    What’s the story behind Las Arca?

    “It’s a small business idea I came up with in 2017, back when I was selling off the remaining stocks I had from an old business I was folding. I was bundling my product with other gift items and when it was time to package them up, I thought wooden boxes were really pretty.”

    “It took me a month to find a good factory that would do the wooden boxes for me, which turned out to be the business’ R&D, then when I was done with the bundle, I realized this was what I wanted to do. I pooled the last of my savings to buy more stuff that I could turn into gifts and built my first Instagram page and we haven’t stopped since!”



    “In the 3 years we’ve been doing this, we’ve produced thousands of gifts and have really found our calling. To this day, this is something I look forward to doing at the beginning of every day.”

    What have you been doing in your space since lockdown?

    “Our space has not been the same! We used to hold all operations in this 100sqm apartment but now I split operations between the main office and my home. We’ve managed to retain our work flow by communicating more fluidly and have taken on the task of generating reports for even the smallest details so that any one of us can have access to work information that would otherwise be readily available if we were physically at work.”  


    “I run the business side of my job in my home office. Sometimes I take on gift assembly work when my team is fully loaded, too. I set up my station in our dining room, which oddly enough, is where I started Las Arca back in my dad’s home.”

    After living in such closed quarters day in and out, did you notice a shift in the flow of your workspace on how it is used and did you do something to change it?

    “The biggest change happened in my home. Since working remotely, I’ve had to spend more time on my vanity, which doubles as my work desk. Most of the spaces in my house have multitasked as well. Our dining room has been converted to an assembly area and our guest room is now storage for gift boxes, too. It’s a small price to pay for the convenience of having our stock within reach. I still try to ferry gift boxes and inventory to the office as much as possible, but I only do it once a week so things will inevitably pile up in my house, but I do it anyway to keep my house feeling like a home and not a second branch of my office.”

    A peek into Maxine's home, as seen on Las Arca's Instagram Page

    “I’ve only cleared out the guest room yesterday after having boxes there for the past 8 months! Though I don’t think I’ll be able to remove myself from the vanity table anytime soon.”

    In what ways did the quarantine inspire new ideas?

    “Quarantine brought on hundreds of ideas! Your brain just goes on overdrive when you have nothing to do all of a sudden.” 

    “Around 4 months ago, we took the leap and decided to finally move to a different location in a commercial building where we’ll have a bigger work space for the team. We’ll be able to welcome customers in a space that better represents Las Arca. This was brought to life by Moss Design House. Their vision just clicked with our brand.”

    A sneak peek of Las Arca’s new office designed by Moss Design House

    “We’ve launched so many new things under Las Arca in the last 5 months of being back to work—the budget series, Tierra, our line of dried bouquets, and new partners on Casa, our home line. For the rest of 2020, we’ll take it slow and focus on the office move but we have a very big launch coming next year. The idea was spawned by quarantine and the new normal so that’s something to look forward to.”

    Floral arrangement from Las Arca's TIERRA line



    Follow Las Arca on Instagram: @lasarca.ph