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    V - Valmai
    V - Valmai ₱2,999.00
    V - Rossa
    V - Rossa ₱3,850.00
    V - Lomasi
    V - Lomasi ₱1,999.00
    V - Deona
    V - Deona ₱1,999.00
    V - Vafara
    V - Vafara ₱2,750.00
    V - Koa
    V - Koa ₱3,250.00
    V - Neleh
    V - Neleh ₱1,650.00
    V - Mabli
    V - Mabli ₱2,850.00
    V - Jiera
    V - Jiera ₱2,250.00
    V - Kalare
    V - Kalare ₱1,999.00
    V - Diya
    V - Diya ₱1,999.00
    V - Oro Earrings
    V - Oro Earrings ₱4,200.00
    V - Malia Bangle
    V - Malia Bangle ₱2,250.00

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    Lola Androgynous
    Lola Androgynous

    What does “dressing your age” really mean? Tessie Singson aka Lola Androgynous challenges the notion that fashion is only for the young and turns ‘advanced style’ to avant garde – with platform shoes to boot. The 65-year old fashion slayer...

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    Rajo Laurel is undoubtedly one of Philippine fashion’s most iconic designers, whose name has become synonymous with luxury and outstanding craftsmanship. This year marks his 25th year in the industry and he fondly looks back on his journey with some...

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    She is a veteran in the fashion and entertainment industry, one who has graced countless local and international magazine covers and hosted shows such as Project Runway Philippines. After a decade and a half of being in front of the camera, Teresa...

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