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About Heyjow

Heyjow 5th Anniversary Film from Heyjow Inc. on Vimeo.

“My style continually evolves alongside the tastes of my clients. I'm mindful about not doing the same thing over and over, while still staying true to my signature style.”

Our Story 

Based in Manila, Philippines, Joana Gube established Heyjow in 2013 and has since been creating pieces that reflect her love for nature and traveling.

Her guiding design philosophies has always been to continually evolve and seek new avenues for creative expression.

The Brand

Heyjow pieces are made to be versatile and meaningful with colorful gemstones, crystals and symbolic charms as the highlight of each carefully handcrafted piece. Best known for its layering set necklaces and druzy pendants, Heyjow pieces feature gold plated pendants and 22K matte gold chains and embellishments that lend each piece understated elegance.

Globally Sourced

We source our materials from around the world – from the exotic lands of Turkey and the Middle East to the magnificent South American continent.


We make each piece in limited quantities, adding to each one’s uniqueness and desirability.


We can customize pieces for you so you can express yourself and tell your story. Get in touch with us for your very own customized piece.


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