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    Here to elevate your everyday basics: our newest #HeyjowMultiwear pieces. These versatile accessories are as hardworking as your wardrobe staples - and you can easily change its look according to your outfit, mood and personality!

    Stay tuned for more #HeyjowMultiwear pieces coming your way soon!

    #HeyjowLooks: 5 Winning Pairings for your Turtle Neck Top

    Cooler weather calls for knitted wear, jackets, and layering clothes. Consider embellishing your cold-weather closet by curating a layering necklace set that's unique to you.

    Look 1: Sovann set + Rhee set 

    Look 2: Yana in Yellow + Alohi set + Castella

    Look 3: Yana in Brown + Cosita + Nidra set + Ailani lariat

    Look 4: Akina necklace

    Look 5: Mishra set + Maila set + Sohan charm necklace


    Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

    #HeyjowLooks: Playful and Textured Layers

    Contrast a basic gold chain with playful and textured necklaces.
    Don't be afraid to go all out with your accessories. Here are 6 looks we did for today:
    Look 1: Yana in Brown + Mira
    Look 2: Oria pearl necklace + Bellina set
    Look 3: Mirza chain + Mabel set
    Look 4: Viola set + Jierra necklace
    Look 5: Ellyn charm + Estelle Set
    Look 6: Marcel set + Ramya set
    Which layers would you like to wear? Let us know in the comments!

    #HeyjowLooks: Beaded Necklace in the Mix

    This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with beads and mix them with all your other necklaces for a layering moment to remember.

    Here are the 5 looks that we made:

    Look 1 Beaded Pearls with Agate Beads: Viola layering set + Oria pearl necklace

    Look 2 Afghan Beads: Nayeli charm necklace + Athena in Azure + Mira necklace + tiger charm from the Winona set

    Look 3 Turquoise Agate Beads: Deona set + Ida elephant charm + Ramya set + Yoana

    Look 4 Wooden Beads: Yana in Green + Winona in Light Pink + Yoana in Coral (launching this Saturday!)

    Look 5 Clear Quartz Agate Beads: Ruri set + Zelda set 


    Which layers did you like best? Let us know!