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    #HeyjowLooks: How to Style your Charm Necklace

    Charm necklaces are elegant and eye-catching on their own. When layered right with contrasting pieces, they can look more stunning, and exude an edgy, sophisticated vibe. 

    We wore a kaftan from The Inspiration Seekers, and tried different ways to style our charm necklace.

    Multiwear necklace + Kala Lariat + Kira Lariat

    Multi-wear necklace + Iris Layer Set

    Multi-charm necklace + Beaded Chokers (coming soon on heyjow.com!)

    Multi-charm necklace + Anara Amethyst charm + Cerise druzy necklace


    Which look would you like to wear? Let us know!

    3 Ways to Wear Your Turquoise Necklace

    Turquoise is a perfect pop of color against gold, and it never goes out of style. It's a versatile stone, lending itself easily to just about anyone's style vibe. See how our Chief jeweler, Joana, styled her beaded turquoise necklace with other Heyjow pieces.



    Look 1: Beaded Turquoise necklace + Oriel Set + Bela Set 


    Look 2: Beaded Turquoise necklace + Nieves Set + Nudara Lariat


    Look 3: Beaded Turquoise necklace + Orla charm necklace + Cerise druzy charm necklace + beaded chain for the Celeste set


    Which beaded turquoise look is your favorite?

    #HeyjowLooks: Nikki at Home

    Meetings, celebrations, date nights and happy hours look different these days and this is a good opportunity to get creative with our outfits and accessorizing!

    Check out these ladies who are dressing up while staying in, and highlighting the versatility of Heyjow pieces through a series of 'style diary' posts.


    #5DaysofHeyjow with Rina Santos

    #5DaysofHeyjow, our new online campaign that highlights the versatility of Heyjow pieces through a series of 'style diary' posts.

    Which look is your fave?