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8 Styling Tips from Some of Our Favorite Fashionable Moms

Since launching our Style Stories, we have been fortunate to work with a number of Manilas most stylish moms who have shared a few golden tips on how to look your best. Whether you're a nursing mom or a mom caring for a full brood of kids, these tried and tested practices will add that extra flair to your looks. And because these are lived by real women who have become experts at wearing multiple hats and multi-tasking, you can be assured that these can be easily followed. Here are eight secrets to looking and feeling great:

  1. Choose day-to-night pieces. I like things that are easy, quick, comfortable and convenient because I have 2 boys and Im always on the go. I must be in pieces that can transition from morning until the afternoon and if they can carry me over to the evening then thats great.- Nicole Hernandez-delos Angeles

2. Prioritize comfort. "Go for basic colors and simple cuts. Never compromise comfort. For those with very young children, you should put on clothes that will make you accept a splutter here and a drool there. Also, accessorize appropriately which means anticipating situations (a child who likes to sleep while being carried by mommy will find certain necklaces bothersome).- Beng Feliciano

3. Try something new. Be open to trying on a lot of things and experimenting. I'm an advocate of individual style and comfort so whatever works for one mom will most likely not work for another mom. Enjoy the process and observe what other people wear. If you see someone wearing something you would like to try, don't be shy to ask them where they got it from!- Maricel Cua

4. Let your roles lead your style.Every day is different for me since Im a hands-on mom and wear a lot of different hats so what I wear depends on what is required. When I have to attend an event, thats when I dress up more. If I just have to go out with my family, I wear basic t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers but I do love to accessorize. I think that will be the saving grace to my rather simple look. -Kelly Misa-Fernandez

5. Allow yourself to grow. "I think you just have to accept that your style evolves with your personality and your needs. When I became a mom, I became less inclined to wear things that were too complicated. I love silk shirts and used to wear them every day but its just not practical with a toddler and a baby. Now, its evolved to things that are easy to wash like cotton and things that you can move in.- Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi 

6. Dont settle for less. Time is a womans prized luxury. As a mom, wife, columnist, and entrepreneur running the Happy Skin business, I gravitate towards quality fashion pieces that also multi-task and work as hard as I do. Hardworking yet beautiful clothes are a must. I go for effortless yet interesting pieces I can wear many times and in multiple ways. - Rissa Mananquil-Trillo

7.  Improvise. "More than any other time in my life, motherhood made me realize that my style fits all kinds of lifestyles and life moments. Being a mom also allowed me to wear more polo shirts. When I was breastfeeding, there weren’t a lot of choices when it came to clothes and that’s when I saw the value of a button down shirt.” - Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

8. Fit is everything. One useful tip that my mom gave me is to find a good and reliable kusturera (seamstress). Buying something off-the-rack doesnt mean you cant alter it. A kusturera can accommodate your preferences and make your clothes fit your body better, which makes a world of difference. Cutting even just an inch from a dress will change the way it looks and the way you carry it. There might be a number of items in your closet that would benefit from that and youll probably find yourself wearing them more often. When you see that they fit better, you feel better as well. - Cat Juan-Ledesma

Happy Mother’s Day to all you stylish moms! You will always be your child’s first style inspiration.

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