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#HeyjowLoves: Taste by Grace Home

Our team meetings are usually a combination of work and play - and usually, there's a bit of wine and cheese involved. 

When we're in the mood to indulge, we bring out our stash of artisanal jams from Taste by Grace Home. Created by mompreneur and blogger Grace Barbers-Baja aka The Spoiled Mummy, these cheese-pairing dips are homemade, all-natural and oh so yummy! 

Taste by Grace Home's homemade and all-natural cheese-pairing jams

They come in bold flavors such as Two Tomatoes and Habaneros with Sage, Figs and Almonds with Truffle Honey, Black Grapes and Pistachios with French Butter, Organic Spinach and Mushroom Chimichurri, and Organic Tomatoes and Kaffir Lime Chutney - perfect for setting up a grazing table at home. They also come in beautiful packaging for thoughtful gift-giving. 

Aside from serving them with cheese, crackers and bread, these can also be used in marinades and salad dressings. The Spiced Rosemary Honey with Pink Peppercorns, for example, can be used to marinate roast chicken and topping for ice cream and cheesecake. 

Have you tried Taste by Grace Home's dips? Which one is your favorite? 


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