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Holiday Decorating Tips from Kitty Bunag of Craftsmith Guild

Wondering how you can easily incorporate the holiday spirit to your space? Interior design consultant Kitty Bunag of creative council Craftsmith Guild shares some of her tips for stress-free seasonal decorating. 

Kitty wearing the Eyla earrings and a stack of Zahava and Dahna bracelets

Decorate with real plants. Shop for indoor plants that can withstand low light and low water. Nothing breathes life into a space like plants can! A home full of living, growing energy is good for the soul.

Kitty styles a holiday-themed table setting at Southbank Café + Lounge, one of her recent design projects

Get some candles glowing. Whether you love to light them or not, you’ve got to admit that candles enhance the holiday mood instantly.

Play with texture and color. Almost every space could use a bit of softness. From decorative toss cushions to interesting upholstery, textiles are a great way of adding color, pattern, and texture to your home. Don’t be afraid to mismatch - and repeat! The repetition of patterns and colors create a harmonious look.

Kitty uses accents in natural materials such as abaca pieces from Lady Scott Jones 

Create vignettes. Make pocket-sized arrangements using things you love that tell a story. Play with contrasts: think of fresh flowers highlighting the patina of an antique bronze bell, or a delicate woven basket beside a heavy glass bowl with Christmas balls.

Kitty wearing the Amya earringsOdette 3-layer necklace and a stack of Femi and Ostara bracelets 

Cozy up your decors. Pieces spaced evenly over the whole surface lose their connection to one another and may end up looking as if they are set out for a garage sale. Snuggle them up to one another and let some of them touch!

Which of these tips will you try?

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