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#HeyjowxTheDailyKnead: Holiday Brunch

#HeyjowxTheDailyKnead: Holiday Brunch

Brunches are peaceful and warm gatherings. 

For this year’s #HeyjowHolidayBrunch we partnered with sisters and business partners, Francesca and Francine of The Daily Knead.

We were treated with The Daily Knead's delectable offerings and our guests had the chance to take it home, too. 

I am a firm believer that we have to find reasons to celebrate ourselves, our achievements and life in general.

We’re so happy to be surrounded with like-minded people who love to get together, take time to eat together and have fun.

Truly, a day to remember! Thank you The Daily Knead and to all these amazing ladies. 

Till our next Brunch!

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