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Double Vision: Trasienne and Tracianne of Float Swimwear

Double Vision: Trasienne and Tracianne of Float Swimwear

Meet the twins, Trasienne and Tracianne Estrada, the dynamic duo who are not only making waves in the fashion industry but are also breaking barriers as creatives and entrepreneurs. 

As founders of  Float Swimwear, their swimwear brand is a celebration of inclusivity, offering stylish and meticulously designed swimwear for all body types.

Beyond their striking appearances, the twins are also passionate creatives, using their unique perspective and shared experiences to carve out a space in beauty and fashion.

On how Trasienne and Tracianne discovered their passion for fashion:

"Our mom is our first fashion icon growing up. Growing up, she’d dress us up in cute outfits and that’s where we learned how to play with style."

Trasienne: "I was then exposed to magazines like Vogue and Elle from my Tita from the states who would always send us balikbayan boxes. Those magazines were the biggest influences for my fashion and my photography style — editorial and tasteful."

On how Float Swim started:

Trasienne:"My sister is a surfer so she wanted to create swimsuits that looked good but was also functional. At that time, surf suits were very limited to sporty choices and she wanted something stylish she could surf in."

"We originally started designing for her but then later in the creative process we realised we could create suits that were stylish and for sizes XS-3XL. I loved the idea, so later on I joined the team to help with marketing and design."

On their personal styles:

Trasienne: I’d like to think my style is edgy and trendy, a mix of rebellious choices and Parisian chic. I’m inspired by MTV, 90s movies and FTV, all things I grew up with.

Tracianne: I have more of a classic style, but we both love fashion that is effortless!

On their style when it comes to accessories:

"We both love a lot of gold!"

On what inspires them and important lessons they've learned as an entrepreneur:

"We draw inspiration from our personal experiences and emotion. We've learned to accept the discomfort. We also learned that true success lies in knowing your weaknesses and playing to your strengths."

On their advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

"You have to stay modest, stay humble, and keep working."

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