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#FlashbackFriday: A look back on our Anniversary Collections

Heyjow pieces have always been characterized by its bohemian vibe – and through the years, this look has been reinterpreted in different ways through our collections, most especially our anniversary collections.

As we celebrate our 6th anniversary, we take a quick look back on the things that have inspired us and our past anniversary collections:

Polished and druzy stones were the focus of our 1st year anniversary collection and pieces were named after famous tropical destinations.

From left: Velassaru necklaces with druzy pendants; Pele necklace with black lava stones, hematite and grey druzy

For our 2nd anniversary, we got hit by ‘festival fever’ and were inspired by the different festivals around the world – Mardi Gras, Holi, Rio, Diwali and Bahian – and dubbed our collections after these.

Pieces from the Mardi Gras collection, part of our Festival Fever series back in 2015

The pieces were defined by great detailing that called to mind brightly colored carnival masks and bold costumes.

The Diwali collection featured symbolic charms and vibrant statement tassels

For our 3rd year, we thought of creating a collection that would complement LBDs to elevate an evening ensemble. “Spectral Soiree” was a collection made up of pieces rendered in dusky hues and mesmerizing elements that we envisioned would make dinner parties a more memorable affair.

We took on an unexpected turn with Savanna, our 4th anniversary collection, which had bold and unorthodox elements - cascading leather tassels juxtaposed with feminine hardware, plush pom-poms in a distinctly modern execution, signature beaded pieces with edgy tribal accents, and statement coral neck pieces with a maximalist appeal.

Tribal luxe was the theme for Savanna, our 4th anniversary collection

What made the collection more exciting was the opportunity to work with Maggie Wilson-Consunji who embodied Savanna’s adventurous spirit perfectly.

Maggie Wilson-Consunji was the perfect muse for our African-inspired collection called Savanna

Last year’s jewelry trend of minimalism became our inspiration for our 5th anniversary collection, which was aptly dubbed as “V”.

Pieces from V, our 5th anniversary collection

The contrast of elements allowed for seamless layering – and inspired us to create our first Look Book featuring our muses Rina Santos and Lucien Villarruz.

Rina and Lucien were our muses for our 5th anniversary collection 

For 2019, we fused modern minimalist with vintage vogue for “Ode to Six”. True to our bohemian roots, some elements have a carefree tropical vibe: puka shell pendants in saturated colors, clam shell accents, and pearl necklaces that can be worn from AM to PM.

Pieces from our Ode to Six collection has a mix of vintage and tropical-inspired pieces

Our muse Anna Buquid gave the pieces an edgy appeal

For the shoot, we played around with shadows and shafts of light, which added a different dimension to the looks (you can see the behind-the-scenes here!).

Shadow play gave #HeyjowLooks a different feel for our latest anniversary collection

Which of these collection is your favorite?  



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