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For Maggie Wilson-Consunji, a plain wardrobe serves as the canvas for her classic-meets-boho style. For her, summer dressing is a year-round affair - and her aesthetic can be attributed to her being a swimwear designer for Wanderlust Swimwear as well as an interior designer with an eye for the exotic.

She tells us more about her style evolution and why she isn't one to follow trends. 

On personal style: "My style in general is very classic and I don’t really follow trends. I have a lot of white and beige in light fabrics like linen. When I do pick an outfit, I always make sure that there’s at least one area that is fitted or sexy if you will. I could be wearing a loose top but I would pair it with shorts or a romper then I would tie it on the waist so you can still see some shape."

Maggie wearing a white romper with (1) tribal drop earrings (2) beaded coral neck piece and (3) chunky coral necklace 

On how her style has evolved: "I went through a phase when all I wanted were really tight clothes but now I’m at a point where I’m very comfortable with my body and gravitate more towards clothes that I can move easily in. Of course, I’m a mom now so I need the extra room."

On what she wears on a typical day: "For me, it’s like summer all-year-round; it doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or not. It’s always nice to bring some color and fun to an outfit regardless of the weather. In terms of accessories, I’d probably pick a good pair of hoop earrings. I feel sexy and powerful in them."

Maggie wearing (4) 2-layer hoop and disc necklace, (5) beaded turquoise necklace and (6) pink mini hoop earrings

As a swimwear designer, summer is always on Maggie's mind and this is one of the defining aspects of her style.

Maggie's collection of swimwear pieces come in a variety of bold prints 

On her favorite accessories: “Bags and accessories should be the statement pieces of my outfit since my wardrobe is so plain.”

Some of Maggie's favorite accessories include these blue tassel earrings from Kate Spade

"I have a big collection of earrings. I gravitate more towards gold pieces as well as turquoise. I love hoop earrings as well. My wardrobe isn’t very colorful so I like to add color to my outfit using accessories."

Maggie's collection of statement earrings also include large hoop earrings, the (7) Panama earrings in light blue as well as the (8) Roan earrings and (9) beaded mini hoops from the Savanna Collection

"I’m also really into tassels and pom-poms right now."

Maggie wearing (9) purple pom-pom earrings from the Savanna Collection

Her shoes also come in a spectrum of colors. 

Bright tones, textured metallics as well as a printed pair of pumps from Zara make up Maggie's shoe collection

On bags: "I like bags with lots of character. It must have a long strap and not just top handles. Before, I used to like big bags but it’s such a pain to carry so I’ve been buying a lot of smaller bags lately. Similar to my wardrobe, I’m really into neutrals although I did purchase a bag recently that’s white with lemons on it."

Maggie's favorite bags include a lemon printed mini bag from Dolce & Gabbana as well as a colorful flamingo cross-body and a monogram clutch, which are both from Aranaz

Maggie also favors bags in neutral tones like these two snakeskin pieces 

Style tips: "Always buy the basics first: a nice pair of tailored pants, jeans, basic t-shirts. A good white polo can go from day to night and you can take it anywhere. It can be casual but super glam as well. I always love to change up an outfit like wearing a dressy skirt with a t-shirt so it throws it off a little bit – not too formal-looking or dressy."

Maggie pairs her animal print skirt with a white fringe top complemented with (10) black tassel necklace, (11) tribal coin necklace and (12) gray and black bracelet set all from the Savanna Collection

"When I go shopping and I find the perfect fitting piece, I don’t just buy one. I buy four because I’m scared that when it disappears, it’s not going to come back ever again so I have that bad habit. I’ll buy a pair of pants but I’ll have 4 of them."

Maggie wearing a beige Patty Ang ensemble with (13) 2-layer howlite and tassel necklace) and (14) cascading tassel earrings from the Savanna Collection

"Don’t dress for anyone. Dress for yourself. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. I always say never follow trends unless it’s something you like personally or think will look good on you. Don’t buy an item just because your favorite celebrity or blogger is wearing it. Always ask the advice of your friends. I have one or two girl friends that I take shopping with me to ask what they think."  

"And lastly, clothes don’t have to be expensive. There are many brands out there that are affordable that I think look just as good as expensive clothes."

Follow Maggie on Instagram: @wilsonmaggie

Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)



All accessories worn by Maggie are from the Savanna Collection.

(1) Soweto earrings 

(2) Shaka necklace

(3) Khoi necklace

4) Montagu necklace 

(5) Amatola necklace 

(6) Namib earrings

(8) Roan earrings

(9) Roux earrings in purple

(10) Kalahari black tassel necklace

(11) Vilakazi necklace

(12) Oryx bracelet set

(13) Rahima necklace set

(14) Catalina earrings

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