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Heyjow 2019 Highlights: Layers We Love

Wrapping up the year with a series of posts about the most memorable parts of 2019!

Layering necklaces are definitely a fun way to accessorize - and there are so many ways to wear them! This year, we learned that layering doesn't have to be so calculated - necklaces can overlap with each other and still look good! We also learned to our maximalist side thanks to our muses who had their own take on this style.

Here are some of the layers we loved from the past year featuring our Style Stories muses.

Maggie wearing Navya 2-layer necklace from our Gold Coast collection

This shell-on-shell layer from our Gold Coast collection worn by Feanne, which matched with her Nautilus kimono 

Tin channels maximalism with a mix of shells and charm pieces from the Gold Coast collection layered with her own medallion necklace

Rosanna wearing the Marjoram necklace set from our Tropical Greens collection layered with her own name necklace

Amina wearing the Halma shell necklace paired with a minimalist disc

Amber wearing the Darazi necklace set from our Azure Paradise collection

Kat of Casa Mamas wearing the Malika necklace from our Tropical Greens collection

Kitty wearing the Odette from our Ode to Six Holiday collection

Kitty goes maximalist with the Alaina earrings, Lyra statement chain, and Adela beaded necklace from our Ode to Six Holiday collection finished off with a Stamp Monogram necklace

Which look is your fave?

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