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Casa Mamas

Casa Mamas

To our mommy followers: have you always wanted to travel with your fellow moms minus the kids? Take inspiration from Aliza Apostol, Carmel Villongco, Deux Ciel Bau, Gin Samson, Kat Maderazo, and Leona Panutat aka Casa Mamas who give us a glimpse of their recent trip to Frangipani El Nido. Here, they tell us how their little group was formed and share their tips on looking fab while traveling.

Tell us a how Casa Mamas was formed.

Leona: “We all live in the same village and would see each other at mass or other community events. Living in the same community, we decided to carpool to and from events. We got to know one another more and found out that we had a lot in common. We then started taking turns hosting for breakfast and the rest is history.”

Carmel: “I’ve known almost all of them individually, either through common friends or having done their make-up in the past but it was after our first community wine night (yes, we have that in our village) where we all clicked. Wine really does bring people together.”

Aliza: “One wine night turned to several and we all bonded in an instant. We all have different personalities that complemented each other.” 

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Aliza: “Summer, chic, and polished.”

Aliza wearing the Posie earrings 

Carmel: “Quirky and lots of black with a pop of color.”

Carmel wearing the Meadow earrings

Deux: “Functional and simple.”

Deux wearing the Suki earrings and the Marcia necklace

Gin: “Classic, neutral, and easy-going.”

Gin wearing the Rixa earrings

Kat: “Classic, timeless, and comfortable.”

Kat wearing the Malika necklace

Leona: “Easy, relaxed, timeless.”

Leona wearing the Kari earrings

What type of accessories are you drawn to? What are your jewelry staples?

Aliza: “I like jewelry that represents myself like a monogram necklace or a birth stone ring.  I am also drawn to pieces with a tropical vibe because I love the beach.”

Aliza's beach look: straw hat, a stack of bracelets and the Posie earrings

Carmel: “I spend a lot on eyewear, whether shades or prescription glasses. I’ve always had poor eyesight and since I’m stuck with wearing glasses, I might as well pick those that fit my personal style. I’m also into head and hair accessories. Turbans, bandanas, and hats are all part of my wardrobe. For fine jewelry, I usually just have my wedding band on. I like to keep it to a minimum since I already have so much going on in my outfit. Plus, my work as a make-up artist keeps me from having too much arm candy.”

Carmel's beach look: emerald green swimwear, oversized sunnies, printed turban and Meadow earrings

Deux: “I like accessorizing with a simple set of necklace and earrings, alongside an oversized watch and my Fitbit. My everyday jewelry would be my wedding ring, watch, and pearl earrings.”

Deux wearing the Suki earrings and the Marcia necklace

Gin: “Jewelry staples include pearl earrings or a stud, gold initial necklace, and rings on both hands. Every so often, I would wear a statement necklace or bracelet.”

Gin's picks: Rixa earrings and Corina necklace

Kat: “I am drawn to small accessories that can be interchanged like charms, pendants, bracelets and rings. I like them even if I don’t wear them a lot. I usually have a ‘flavor of the month’ or season and then I would change into a different set. My staples are silver, white gold and pearl earrings.”  

Kat wearing the Darla earrings

Leona: “I like accessories that have interesting little details. Tiny etchings, contrasting stones and textured finishes. If I’m not in good earrings by Heyjow, I’m wearing classic diamond studs. I also wear a stack of rings on both hands that remind me of my family.”

Leona's pick: the Armina necklace in black

Any packing and style hacks you can share when traveling?

Aliza: “One thing for sure is I don’t pack light. I’m the type of person who brings 5 pairs of shoes for a 4-day beach trip! I usually pack my OOTDs based on the places I go to.”

Aliza's wearing the Posie earrings for her all-white beach look

Carmel: “I just bring essentials and do layering with thermals and probably bring one or two coats if it’s the winter season. When people look at my photos, it seems like I do take on a lot but I really just wear mostly black with a pop of color. My fave hack is bringing a lot of shades and a good selection of lipstick to add dimension and fun to an otherwise boring black outfit.”

Carmel's beach essentials include shades and her stash of Dior make-up 

Deux: “When going on trips, I match outfits on a per day basis and take photos of each set for easy reference. For packing, zip lock bags are the next best thing if no packing cubes are available.

Gin: “Weather is the most important factor— you should know what to expect. I like basics then layer with jackets and scarves. If it’s a 2-week trip or longer, I plan outfits for at least 7 days and bring pieces I would be able mix and match. I’ve learned to pack light, bringing more neutrals and basics then adding statement pieces for special days or events.”

A peek at Gin's travel essentials 

Kat: “For trips, I plan accessories per outfit per day. When I need to pack light, I make sure the accessories I bring will match the other outfits. I pack them individually in a small accessory pouch so it’s safe and yet easy to find.”

Leona: “I pack light! I list down the itinerary per day along with the expected weather report and plan my outfits around those two. I also make sure to space out the clothes and combinations by including laundry days. I’ve been known to make spreadsheets!”

 Leona's essentials include her Fuji camera and a couple of paperbacks 

What are your travel must-haves?

Aliza: “Aside from my phone, I cannot travel without my moisturizer, my flat iron and dry shampoo. You have to be picture ready at all times - even for breakfast!”

Aliza wearing the Cabra earrings from our Gold Coast collection

Carmel: “Aside from my selection of shades, black foldable flats which I wear when my sneakers aren’t allowed in a place and it doubles as my slippers, too. I also bring my insulated water bottle because I drink a lot of water and like it icy cold all the time. It’s practical and helps our environment, too. I also bring my traveling Bible for my quiet time.”

Carmel wears a vibrant one-piece suit with a hoop necklace from the Nayeli set

Deux: “A large carry-on tote is a traveling must-have for me. I use this to easily stash small and loose items like sunglasses, jacket or scarf while I’m on the go.”

Gin: “Two to three pairs of shades, scarves, hats, statement accessories, pocket Wi-Fi, eyebrow pencil and lipstick, and a comfy pair of shoes or slides.”

Kat: “Sunglasses, sunblock, anti-bug bites lotion, reusable bag, and a shawl or jacket.”

Kat wearing the Dayla necklace in Magenta

Leona: “My camera, phone, noise-cancelling headset, a good book and a huge block print scarf that can be used as a blanket, dress, cover up and beach mat.”

What’s the best part of your #GirlfriendsGetaway?

Aliza: “I am in my element when I’m at the beach. The sun is my best friend, the waves my ally and the breeze my comfort. So, to go on a trip with my Casa Mamas to beautiful El Nido is heaven to me.”

Gin: “To be able to have fun, relax, let our ‘mommy guard’ down knowing it’s a safe and understanding environment where we can focus on ourselves and indulge in our own lives without distraction.”

Leona: “Heart-to-heart talks and non-stop laughter.”

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