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#HeyjowLooks: Lariat Looks For Every Mood

The long lariat necklace is a versatile piece - a chameleon of sorts that can appeal to both minimalists and maximalists. 

Our lariats usually come with an adjustable front toggle lock - and getting one with a length of 27" allows you to have different looks just by altering the length.

The Siona necklace from our Ode to Six collection seen here at its longest length of 27"

The Siona necklace at mid-length

The Siona necklace worn as a short or choker-type necklace

A plain dress or top with a low V-neckline can go well with a plain chain lariat. Aside from adjusting the length in the front, you can try wearing it with the lock at the back for a 'body jewelry' effect, as a bracelet and even as a belt (see video below!).

If you're in a flamboyant mood, layer your lariat with a few short necklaces that come in a pop of color or has interesting pendants.  

The Siona necklace layered with the Kalene and our Stamp Monogram 

The Siona necklace layered with the Marozia 2-layer set and our Stamp Monogram 



Which style will you try? Share it in the comments!  

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