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#HeyjowLoves: Lucien Villarruz

We always love seeing our pieces worn by friends and clients, and styling them in their own ways.


Lucien Villarruz recently did a shoot for Zarah Juan, and their new line of handmade bags. She finished off her look with pieces from our recent Mood collection.

Luci with the Maija layering necklace

The Kotomo 22-inch necklace is paired with leaf pendant necklace from the Terra set


The Quita necklace paired with the Zuri earrings

Luci wearing the Lunaria necklace and Lyla Earrings in Pine

Layering the Aldora multiwear with the charm necklace from the Terra set


Photography by: Sheila Catilo

Bags from Zarah Juan


P.S. You can get Luci's look and shop the pieces on our Mood Collection.

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