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Layering 102: How To Wear The Lariat

If you've gotten the basics of layering down, it's time to learn another trick: how to wear the lariat. 

Lariats are Y-necklaces that appeal to the modern minimalist because of it's clean and linear look. Heyjow lariats come in a variety of forms: ones with a toggle lock front closure, ones with a long drop chain, and ones that are embellished with crystals or pendants.  

Heyjow lariats come in 3 different variations

Lariats with a front closure can be easily adjusted to the length you're comfortable with. 

Sabria, Valmar and Darthi lariats from the V Holiday collection

Shorter lariats in 14" or 16" can be easily layered with longer pieces with more ornate details or another type of accessory such as statement earrings. 

 The Janka lariat (16") paired with the Koa (27") medallion necklace 


The Yoana (18")  front closure lariat paired with the Jiera (22")  rod necklace

Janka lariat with Tovi hoop earrings

Longer front closure pieces can be paired with a short charm necklace. Narrow down your choice with one that mimics the circular shape of the toggle lock. 

Kosmos (15") charm necklace with the Darthi (22")

Lariats with a long drop chain are suitable for V-neck tops. Whether it's a deep V-neck blazer or a conservative sweater, the subtle fringe effect adds a dainty yet sophisticated touch. 

The Miranda lariat accented with cubic zirconia from the V Holiday collection

The Sunna 2-layer necklace features a lariat with a long drop chain

Taking it a notch higher are lariats embellished with crystals or pendants. 

The Keyara features a lariat embellished with a cubic zirconia  

The Ambra single necklace features disc embellishments

Lastly, layering a lariat with another lariat is definitely doable. Just make sure there is enough spacing between them and that they complement and not overpower each other.   

Valmar (14") with Majori (27") 

Valmar (14") with Zuri (18") 

Which lariat look is your favorite?

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