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Mabby Camacho on Her Paper Art Pieces for our Summer Symphony Series

Our Summer Symphony series is something we look forward to every year - and although this summer is very different from the past summers, we still wanted to somehow bring that vibe to our followers and clients. 

Crafter, paper artist, and event stylist Mabby Camacho helped us bring this desire to life. Mabby has been working with us since 2017 - she created the paper flowers for our Garden Party trunk show at Aranaz and she also designed sparkly ruby red 'gemstones' for the launch of our collaboration with Bobbi Brown

Mabby created the paper flowers for our Garden Party trunk show at Aranaz Greenbelt 5 back in 2017


Here, Mabby shares with us her design process and her personal favorites from the series:

What was your design process like for the paper artworks?

"Joana and I talked about the look and feel that she wanted for her collection. We talked about color palettes and how she will use these paper art pieces for her flatlays."

"I researched on all things summer: different tropical leaves and flowers, summer fruits, ocean creatures, and waves. I was excited because Joana was open to anything I could think of!"

Playful paper kiwis and leaves complemented the refreshing hues of the Tropical Greens collection

"I have been working on hotel and mall window displays often and one important thing I have learned from our work there is to make sure that the details pop. This learning inspired me to curl and fold details as needed and put in layers and layers of different depths to make Heyjow's summer collection more three-dimensional."

Azora necklace from the Azure Paradise collection

What was your favorite part of making them?

"Mixing and matching details with the paper colors I had available (lockdown constraints so I felt like I was in a challenging reality show wherein I can use only the material that was provided!)."

Our signature 22k matte gold elements pop against the bold colors of Mabby's paper art pieces

"I liked that elements were not in their usual colors in nature but still, everything came together and became beautiful pieces in monochrome."

Rose quartz pieces from the Island Girl Blush collection

Mabby created monochrome elements for the Golden Glow collection for a sun-kissed effect

What's your personal favorite?

"I am partial to pink but my favorites from the Summer Symphony series are  Aloha White and Violet and Lilies."

"Aloha White just exudes classic elegance."

Pieces from the Aloha White collection

"I enjoyed making the 3D fishes the most for Violet and Lilies! Don't you think they look so cute with the corals and sand dollars, too?" 

Cirrus necklace from the Violet and Lilies collection

One of Mabby's favorite collection from the series: Violet and Lilies

Which of Mabby's pieces is your favorite? Share it below!

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