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Eclectic Decorating Tips from Pia See of unif0rm

Do you feel like sprucing up your space?

Pia See, a professional interior designer, and owner of clothing brand unif0rm, has a flair for coming up with unexpected combinations. She expresses her eclectic style in the pieces she designs for her brand as well as in her Mediterranean-inspired home, which is anything but the usual.

Here are some of Pia’s tips for giving your home a generous dose of personality: 

1. Dare to be different. "Don’t be afraid to express your personality through your interiors such as trying an unusual color combination."

Pia's home is Mediterranean-inspired with a color scheme that veers away from the typical bright colors

Inside the guest bathroom

"It’s nice when people walk into your house and they see your personality instead of a copy of a catalog."

2. Always have real plants in your house. "It makes your house cozy and lived in."

Art pieces and plants can be seen in every corner of Pia's home

3. Mix natural with synthetic. "It’s nice to mix different elements and use things for a different purpose."

A balloon dog mini sculpture sits proudly on the piano

These curios can be seen by the dining area

"For example, I have a barber’s chair in my dining room. It makes your space more interesting because it’s not typically seen in that environment."

A barber's chair sits at one corner of the dining area

4. Mix high with low. "Just like fashion with fashion, your furniture doesn’t have to be all expensive and perfectly new."

"You can throw in an heirloom piece or a bargain piece from Bangkal to make it more personally meaningful."

Which of these tips will you be applying? Share it in the comments! 

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