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Celebr8 with Baubles and Bubbly!

Celebr8 with Baubles and Bubbly!
A toast to new experiences and adventures.
A toast to growing, learning, and loving.
A toast to milestones, memories and friendship.
A toast to you and your constant support!

As we embark on our eight year, we could not help but look back at all the wonderful and meaningful moments that have brought us to this day.

To celebr8 this milestone with us, we partnered with Chandon.

What better way to get the party started than with a Baubles and Bubbly giveaway!

Thank you for encouraging us to go after our passion - to create beautiful, meaningful and well-designed jewelry ready to bring light and happiness to those who wear it.

We are so grateful that you have been a part of our adventure, we hope you can join us as we embark on a new one. The possibilities are endless!

Cheers to 8! Let’s Celebr8!!!

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