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Chain Up

Chain Up

From ultra-chunky to delicate there’s a chain option to suit varying tastes and can be easily incorporated into any ensemble.

Maximalist chain layering

Tianna (left) and Ziv (right) necklace


Our chain selection is the perfect choice for those with minimalist style but still want to stand out. 

Lariat on lariat: Corian + Aida + Stellari

With our pendant charm collection you can essentially transform and curate your personal jewelry of your dreams.

#HeyjowLayers using pieces from our Celebr8 collection

Here’s our Anniversary’s chicest chain iterations.

Stellari lariat worn as a chain bracelet

Other luxe chain-link that you can add to your layered look

Fina + Rava + Amaya


See more chain necklaces from our Celebr8 collection here.

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Celebr8 with Baubles and Bubbly!

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