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#HeyjowLooks: Jewelry Comes to the Rescue!

Everytime we need to perk up our outfits, jewelry comes to the rescue! With the right necklace or earrings, your lounge wear or casual wardrobe looks even more stylish!

Here are 5 we're loving now:

Look 1: Imani necklace (no pendant) + Nayeli charm necklace + Oro necklace

Look 2: Zelda layering set 1 + Yana in Azure

Look 3: Palma layering set + Esme layering set

Look 4: Yana in Brown + Contessa lariat

Look 5: Lois layering set + Mira necklace


Which look would you pair with your lounge wear? Let us know!

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#HeyjowLooks: Layering necklaces is the ultimate expression of creative freedom!


#HeyjowLooks: Featuring 2-in-1!

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