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    #HeyjowLooks — heyjow looks

    #HeyjowLooks: 5 Winning Pairings for your Turtle Neck Top

    Cooler weather calls for knitted wear, jackets, and layering clothes. Consider embellishing your cold-weather closet by curating a layering necklace set that's unique to you.

    Look 1: Sovann set + Rhee set 

    Look 2: Yana in Yellow + Alohi set + Castella

    Look 3: Yana in Brown + Cosita + Nidra set + Ailani lariat

    Look 4: Akina necklace

    Look 5: Mishra set + Maila set + Sohan charm necklace


    Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

    #HeyjowLooks: Playful and Textured Layers

    Contrast a basic gold chain with playful and textured necklaces.
    Don't be afraid to go all out with your accessories. Here are 6 looks we did for today:
    Look 1: Yana in Brown + Mira
    Look 2: Oria pearl necklace + Bellina set
    Look 3: Mirza chain + Mabel set
    Look 4: Viola set + Jierra necklace
    Look 5: Ellyn charm + Estelle Set
    Look 6: Marcel set + Ramya set
    Which layers would you like to wear? Let us know in the comments!

    #HeyjowLooks: Beaded Necklace in the Mix

    This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with beads and mix them with all your other necklaces for a layering moment to remember.

    Here are the 5 looks that we made:

    Look 1 Beaded Pearls with Agate Beads: Viola layering set + Oria pearl necklace

    Look 2 Afghan Beads: Nayeli charm necklace + Athena in Azure + Mira necklace + tiger charm from the Winona set

    Look 3 Turquoise Agate Beads: Deona set + Ida elephant charm + Ramya set + Yoana

    Look 4 Wooden Beads: Yana in Green + Winona in Light Pink + Yoana in Coral (launching this Saturday!)

    Look 5 Clear Quartz Agate Beads: Ruri set + Zelda set 


    Which layers did you like best? Let us know!

    #HeyjowLooks: Featuring 2-in-1!

    We created 2 looks to not only style the piece differently, but to give the necklace a whole new vibe every single time.

    Look 1: Viola necklace + Lillian in Azure + Lucia palm necklace

    Look 2: Viola necklace + Yana in Yellow + Lucia palm necklace

    Look 3: Ruri layering set + Halia multi-charm necklace

    Look 4: Ruri layering set + Mira necklace

    Look 5: Zona layering set + Yana in Magenta + Esme layering set

    Look 6: Zona layering set + Zelda layering set


    Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

    #HeyjowLooks: Jewelry Comes to the Rescue!

    Everytime we need to perk up our outfits, jewelry comes to the rescue! With the right necklace or earrings, your lounge wear or casual wardrobe looks even more stylish!

    Here are 5 we're loving now:

    Look 1: Imani necklace (no pendant) + Nayeli charm necklace + Oro necklace

    Look 2: Zelda layering set 1 + Yana in Azure

    Look 3: Palma layering set + Esme layering set

    Look 4: Yana in Brown + Contessa lariat

    Look 5: Lois layering set + Mira necklace


    Which look would you pair with your lounge wear? Let us know!