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#HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Decluttering Tips from Ayessa of UnDiplomatic Wife

Being in quarantine, most of us has been rearranging, organizing and decluttering our work spaces or homes. Ayessa, founder of the blog UnDiplomatic Wife, shared with us her tried and tested decluttering tips that she also practices in her own home.

1. Repetition is key. From repeating certain colors (mine is white, gold, natural wood and green plants) to repeating the same organizers/containers, repetition makes a space look and feel pulled together.

2. Before buying organizers, always declutter and reduce first. I swear by the Marie Kondo Method of decluttering. It can be quite shocking to the system, but it's fast and it works.  By the time we are done, we realize that we have enough space for everything that remains.

3. Everything in your closet should be your favorite thing.  Discard anything that makes you feel fat, uncomfortable, or guilty. If you really love a piece of clothing, don’t be scared to get 3-5 pieces in the same color. There is no shame in uniform dressing.

4. We have equal rights with our children at home. When choosing your children’s things, it doesn’t have to be loud or have cartoons on it. Choose a gender-neutral or neutral color theme. 

5. Rotate your child’s toys. The toys don’t have to be out and displayed all at the same time. When my son gets bored with his current toys, I put them away and then bring out the ones that I had stored beforehand. It’s like having new toys without going shopping.

Which of Ayessa's tips will you be trying out? Share it with us in the comments!


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