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Lola Androgynous

Lola Androgynous

What does “dressing your age” really mean? Tessie Singson aka Lola Androgynous challenges the notion that fashion is only for the young and turns ‘advanced style’ to avant garde – with platform shoes to boot. The 65-year old fashion slayer shares with us how her Instagram blog started and her fashion philosophy that encourages personal expression.    

On personal style: “My style is androgynous with a touch of kakikayan.” 

“I wear mostly black and white with pops of bold and vivid colors. I also love wearing anything over-sized or loose-fitting so I don't feel restricted with my movements. I like anything minimalist and boyish paired with funky accessories like a statement necklace or over-sized earrings.”

Lola A wearing a black COS dress with (1) Elise earrings

On accessories: “I love both contemporary and vintage custom jewelry. My son JP and I are particularly obsessed with statement earrings. We just can't get enough of them.”

Lola A wearing a COS blouse and 5cm cropped pants with (2) Moor earrings and (3) Mayi earrings

On what a typical day looks like: “I usually wake up early at 5AM. Then, I prepare breakfast for the family while tidying up our home. By 9AM, I usually go to our car accessories shop in Quezon City with my husband to do admin work. And then in the afternoon, JP and I work on @LolaACloset if he's here in Manila. We usually schedule shoots twice a week for OOTDs for my Instagram. 

Lola A plays around with mismatched earrings and combines the (4) Moor earrings with the (5) Mayi earrings 

On how she became 'Lola Androgynous': “Fashion was already a part of my life in my younger years thanks to my mom who started dressing me up at an early age since I was the only ‘rose’ among the ‘thorns.'

Lola A wearing a white Uniqlo top with (6) Olive earrings 

"My son coined the name Lola Androgynous since we wanted to use a catchy blogger name that has a good recall. I think both JP and I just enjoy fashion. We never really take it seriously.”

Lola A expresses her fun fashion sense through distinct accessories like these specs from Australian brand Le Specs

“I just want people to know that fashion has no age limit. I want to inspire women and even men to be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. Dress to express, not to impress.”

Lola A also loves the unexpected when it comes to bags. Pictured here are Louis Vuitton's Epi Kabuki Mask Alma BB with a Celine net bag  

One of her favorite pairs of shoes includes these platform Mary Janes from MM6 by Maison Margiela

On what inspires her: “My very supportive husband and family. And of course, my amazing and cool followers.”

Lola A wearing a white dress and black cover-up from Uniqlo with (7) Zarin Earrings

On what's next for her: “Working on a capsule collection with my son and a couple of emerging designers. Super excited with my upcoming projects!

Follow Lola Androgynous on Instagram: @LolaAndrogynous

Follow Lola A's Closet on Instagram: @LolaAcloset



(1) Elise earrings

(2) and (4) Moor earrings 

(3) and (5) Mayi earrings

(6) Olive earrings

(7) Zarin Earrings

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