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Fresh-faced beauty Sam Lewis had quite an early start in her modeling career at 16 years old.

The statuesque British-Filipina made sure she finished her studies first (she’s a registered nurse) before diving into modeling full-time – and now she has produced an impressive body of work that spans almost 15 years. Her most recent projects include doing runway shows for fashion designer Vania Romoff and bridal designer Amir Sali and working with swimwear brand Coral Swimwear. Sam was also the perfect muse for our V Holiday collection, which features cubic zirconia and rose gold pieces.  

Here, Sam shares with us her off-duty style and gets candid in front of the camera with her baby boy Lukas.

On personal style: “I’d like to think my personal style is comfortable.”

Sam wearing an olive green dress with (1) Verdana earrings

“Being a new mom, I find myself looking at clothes and then thinking ‘Will I be able to breastfeed in this?’ so it’s basically my pre-baby style, which is a dress and sneakers, but just more breastfeeding-friendly. I have a lot more wrap dresses now or dresses that stretch so I can just easily drop down one side if I need to feed!”

Sam in a maroon stretch dress and (2) Chroma beaded hoop earrings with 1-year old Lukas

Sam's easy off-duty/ new mom style: dress + sneakers 

White on: Sam's everyday sneakers beside baby Lukas' sandals

“For accessories, I love wearing earrings. I actually have 6 piercings.”

On what a typical day looks like: “Every day is different since I work freelance. On days that I am out without my son, I wear clothes that would be easy to pump in and easy to undress without ruining my hair and make-up before the show starts. It could be a dress or a top and skirt. I try not to wear pants especially during shows and fittings because they take more effort to put on and take off, sometimes more than once.”

Sam wearing a robe by Coral Couture with (3) Damini earrings (4) Jairo mini hoop necklace (5) Hajari rod necklace and (6) Behira bangle all in rose gold

Sam's everyday essentials and Lukas' favorite toys 

On how she discovered her passion for modeling: “I started modeling when I was 16. I modeled for a hair styling and make-up show and that’s where it all started. I met more people after that and got booked to do more shows. I love modeling because you get to dress up and be made up and look different from how you would normally look. Aside from the pretty clothes, it’s also about the people I meet along the way.”

Left photo: Sam wearing (7) Yalissa earrings (8) Aren chain necklace (9) Lanza chain necklace and (10) Nola snake chain necklace. Right photo: (11) Yalissa earrings (12) Hasina infinity necklace and (13) Behira bangle

On her first fashion show experience: “I first walked for the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines’ 25th year fashion show. There was a short photo shoot before the show that later got published in the newspapers. I was wearing a Filipiniana and I was really nervous about walking.”

Sam wearing a lace robe from Coral Couture with (14) Vanna earrings (15) Inara bar necklace and (16) Hajari rod necklace all in rose gold

On what inspires her: “If I was asked this 2 or 3 years ago, my answer would be definitely different. We get older, things change, and now, everything I do, I do for my son. He is my strength and he is also my weakness.”

On how she has evolved as a model: “I think there are a lot of things I haven’t done but I’m okay with that. I’m just very lucky that I still get to do this kind of work. I get to work and be with my son at the same time. I don’t think everyone has the privilege to do that.”

Sam wearing (17) Agathi earrings and (18) Jaydra bracelet

Her advice for aspiring models: “Don’t be scared to try modeling outside your comfort zone, especially trying modeling internationally. Start while you’re young. Be strong. It’s a cut-throat industry!”

Sam wearing (19) Jaydra and (20) Sumitra bracelets with (21) Lucette earrings

On what's next for her: “I put my son first before anything, so I am where it is best for him — even if it means moving back to London.”

Follow Sam on Instagram: @_samlewis

Follow Coral Couture: @coralcouture

Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)

Make-up by @esteelauder Philippines

Hair by @kikopedazajr of @jingmonissalon

Shot on location at The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, 119 L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati (@thepicassomakati)




(1) Verdana earrings - coming soon

(2) Chroma beaded hoop earrings - coming soon

(3) Damini earrings

(4) Jairo mini hoop necklace

(5) and (16) Hajari rod necklace 

(6) Behira bangle (rose gold)

(7) and (11) Yalissa earrings

(8) Aren chain necklace

(9) Lanza chain necklace

(10) Nola snake chain necklace

(12) Hasina infinity necklace

(13) Behira bangle (gold)

(14) Vanna earrings

(15) Inara bar necklace 

(17) Agathi earrings

(18) and (20) Jaydra bracelet

(19) Sumitra bracelet

(21) Lucette earrings

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