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A New Year Party to Welcome 2020

Before diving into the work rhythm for 2020, the Heyjow team held a get-together to wrap up 2019 and plan for the year ahead. 

We had the vision of hopping on a private yacht that will take us to a far-off island - and this imagery was the inspiration for our New Year party and our first collection for the year. 

Dressed up in whites and blues, the team DIY'd our table setting for the party with the help of some local brands we love.

Our Chief Jeweler Joana wearing statement jewelry pieces from our first collection of the year called H2O

Nautical plates and tie-dyed inspired elements were complemented with amber-colored glasses and bamboo cutlery. Straw place mats from Keyos gave the arrangement a festive touch.

Heyjow Style Ambassador Jaz wearing the Kendra earrings

Heyjow Design Assistant Michelle wearing the Kai bracelet set 

Chief Visual Brand Storyteller Sheila wearing the Ara necklace in Stone

Chief Curator Kath wearing statement turquoise earrings matched with a statement stack of the Kai and Hali bracelets

Our Creative Intern Joviene wearing a multi-charm necklace from the H2O collection

Elegant gold place names and cake toppers from Lasercrafts PH were the perfect finishing touches. 

Water has always been a key inspiration for Heyjow pieces and it was timely to name our first collection for the year H2O

Pieces from our first collection for 2020 called H2O

Inspired by water's life-giving, soothing and renewing effects, beaded jewelry and chains are re-imagined to capture the ebb and flow of water, expressed in shapes, gradients and new multicolored elements such as Venetian glass beads that call to mind ripples and the play of light.

A closer look at the Hali and Kai bracelets made with Venetian beads  

Pantone's color of the year, Classic Blue, is interpreted in turquoise and aquamarine stones and are complemented with sea creatures accent for a carefree touch.

Statement turquoise earrings with charming turtle connectors 

Swimming further into the depths reveal pearls and coral-inspired sets with rich textures.

Afghan bead tassels make a comeback in the H2O collection

This shoot is also a preview of what we have in store for our followers and friends this year! We're excited to work with more people and brands for 2020 that will give us creative inspiration and help us learn new things. 

Cheers to another year and we can't wait to share new experiences with you!  

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