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#HeyjowWorkshops: Travel organizing with Issa of Neat Obsessions

Part of the #HeyjowTeam's activities for 2020 is curating workshops that encourage our community to explore new hobbies and create meaningful partnerships between local brands.


For our first workshop, we partnered with Issa Guico-Reyes aka Neat Obsessions for a jewelry organizing session attended by some of our clients and collaborators. 

Issa is known as a professional organizer and a Konmari consultant-in-training who teaches her clients how to efficiently use their space at home. Aside from organizing jewelry for travel, she taught us how to pack more efficiently and gave helpful tips for traveling with kids.

Heyjow Chief Jeweler with Issa Guico-Reyes aka Neat Obsessions

“We lived in Hong Kong for 3 and a half years and when we went home, I was able to pack our entire life in 4 balikbayan boxes minus the furniture. Hong Kong taught us a long on what we really need,” Issa shared. 

Our host, Tina Henson-Ngkaion, welcomed us into her home and created a beautiful tablescape for the session - and we added a few pieces from our H2O collection as finishing touches.

Our host Tina Henson-Ngkaion prepared her signature home-cooked dishes. For dessert, we had The Little Whisk's super moist sparkly heart cookies  

Pieces from our H2O collection became part of the afternoon's tablescape

Grateful for all our sponsors for this workshop: Shimmer Prints, Pac & Go, Keeping It Together, Booths Republic, MimssacThe Little Whisk, and Baby Kicks PH

We shared her delicious dip and lasagna with a few friends and collaborators and listened to Issa's tried and tested tips: 

1. Identify what you need and arrange them in an easily accessible bag.

Issa reveals that the contents of her diaper bag (a black backpack with multiple pockets) is the result of years and years of editing it. Having 3 kids, Issa always makes sure to bring a complete set of extra clothes for each of her kids neatly packed in a packing cube, a water bottle for hygiene purposes (especially for long haul flights), and a small bag of toiletries that includes a travel bidet and disposable toilet seat covers. Hygiene items like sterillium, wet wipes, and water-resistant ecobag are best placed on outside pockets for easy access.

Neat tip: A planner and packing list can help you stay organized and help you avoid bringing multiple pieces of the same item like wet wipes.

2. Always keep important travel documents secured.

Issa uses a small cross-body bag to keep all their passports together that she wears throughout the trip. When she’s traveling without her kids, she keeps it safely inside her jacket.

Neat tip: If you’re traveling with your kids, put your business card in one of their pockets as a safety measure.

3. Use clear packing cubes so you can easily see the item you need.

Packing cubes like ones from Pac & Go will keep your clothes compressed and folded flat or neatly rolled. 

4. Fold clothes using the pocket folding technique.

This is the best way to maximize your packing cubes and luggage space. If you’re familiar with the Konmari folding method, just follow that and tuck the folded part into the top or bottom part of the garment. For example, tuck the bottom part of a pair of pants into the waistband. To make it more efficient, fold a set of clothes together so you won’t have to look for the pants that go with the shirt you’ll be using.

5. Choose clothing items wisely.

For moms, dresses are always a good option for traveling. Choose ones in lightweight fabrics and can go with sneakers or sandals. For your kids, pack easy-to-wear and loose clothes for easier changing on the go. Avoid leggings as they are harder to put on and are prone to getting dirty.

Neat tip: Pack extra sets of clothes in case of delayed flights and unexpected detours.

6. Aside from a first-aid kit, there are travel-sized health essentials such as a nebulizer and UV sterilizer you can also bring with you on your trip.

If you need to bring medicine for your kids, write the dosage on the outside of the bottle so you won’t have to bring or look for the prescription.

Neat Obsessions-approved travel essentials: planner and packing list from Shimmer Prints, packing cubes from Pac & Go, clear cases, toiletry and jewelry organizers from Keeping It Together, jewelry holder from Mimssac, and portable nebulizer and UV sterilizer from Baby Kicks PH

7. For jewelry, use a bag with multiple pockets to avoid tangling of chains.

If you don’t have a jewelry bag, string the necklace chain through a silicone straw or wrap your jewelry pieces in plastic individually.

8. For fine jewelry such as wedding rings, use a clear plastic case.

Secure precious items by placing them in their own cases (Keeping It Together has a variety of sizes) so you won't misplace or leave them behind. 


Thank you, Issa, for sharing these practical tips! We learned so much from this session and can't wait to apply them for our next trip.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities as we curate more workshops for the year. In the mean time, check out our travel essentials giveaway now on our Instagram! Winners will be chosen on Monday night, February 3. 

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