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#HeyjowWorkshops: Intentional Note Taking with Sunshine Asuncion of The Crafters Marketplace

Part of the #HeyjowTeam's activities for 2020 is curating workshops that encourage our community to explore new hobbies and create meaningful partnerships between local brands.


The Heyjow Team recently rediscovered the art of journaling through Sunshine Asuncion, head crafter behind online store The Crafters Marketplace, which is a virtual wonderland of art and crafting supplies. We all got a Happy Planner from Shine and we’ve been obsessed about it ever since! We wanted to share this joy with other journaling enthusiasts so we came up with an Intentional Note Taking session, our second workshop for the year.

Our recent find: The Happy Planner from The Crafters Marketplace

“I started collecting all the color combinations of Crayola markers back in high school. I had notebooks upon notebooks of scribbles and doodles,” shared Shine.

Shine showing us pages from her journal

Shine brought her personal stash of watercolor brushes, colored pens and a fun sticker buffet for the session. Everyone had the chance to decorate their planners with themed Happy Planner stickers – and it reminded us of younger days when we would trade stationery with classmates.

Happy Planner stickers are available via Shine's online store, The Crafters Marketplace

Shine and the Heyjow team also prepared a goodie bag for all the participants, which contained journals from Oat MNL and Eleven Fingered Crafter, ‘City Girl’ stickers from Rainbow Papeterie, a personalized pen holder from For Craftness Sake, handmade felt flowers from Eclations, embossed cards from, and Dong-A pens. They also got protein bars from Take Root, truffle dips from Callies DipsStips Chips, and a beautiful rose box from Fiora Manila.

Participants took home journals from Oat MNL and Eleven Fingered Crafter, ‘City Girl’ stickers from Rainbow Papeterie, a personalized pen holder from For Craftness Sake, handmade felt flowers from Eclations, embossed cards from, and Dong-A pens. They also got protein bars from Take Root, truffle dips from Callies Dips, Stips Chips, and a beautiful rose box from Fiora Manila!

Post-Valentine treat: Luxe rose boxes from Fiora Manila 

Left: journaling essentials and handmade goodies from our sponsors; Right: pretty craft-themed cookies from The Little Whisk  

A newly opened café in BF Homes called Hello Barista was the perfect venue for the workshop.

It had spacious counters for Shine’s sticker albums and planners. We also brought select pieces from our H2O collection.

Select pieces from our latest collection called H2O

Tucked along the quiet side of President’s Ave., Hello Barista has a good selection of coffee (our current fave is the Spanish Latte) and cookies.

Must-try: Hello Barista's Spanish Latte

Shine shared with us a few tips and how journaling has helped her through the years:

1. A journal can help you gain more clarity.

“As we get older, we have more plates spinning and a planner or a journal serves as a brain dump. It helps us let go and be more creative.” Writing everything down gives us more space to take on other things and a lesser chance that we will forget important to-dos.

2. A journal gives your dreams a vehicle to become a reality.

When you write down your hopes and dreams, you are committing to doing something. Whether it’s a ‘silly dream’ or a life-long goal, a journal dedicated to documenting your goals helps you become more intentional.

3. A journal is your safe space.

It serves as a tool for self-discovery. It serves as a space to process your emotions and translate them to changes and actions.

4. A journal is a personal time machine.

Documenting your days gives you a glimpse of how far you’ve come. Recording family milestones, whether special occasions or precious everyday moments, in a journal or scrapbook, will help you remember those moments, and it’s something your kids can refer to when they’re more grown-up.

5. Journaling is a very personal ritual – so find what works for you.

Shine shared that there was a time she kept 5 journals, each for a different purpose. Her journaling habit is done at night tied in with the bible verse of the day. “I usually will do a hand-drawn version of the word that speaks most to me and then I start from there. I also add to my plans for the week at night.” Don’t be afraid to explore. You’ll know it works for you when the habit sticks!


Thank you, Shine, for a fun crafternoon! Stay tuned for more exciting activities as we curate more workshops for the year. In the meantime, check out our journaling essentials giveaway on Instagram! Winners will be chosen on Tuesday night, February 25. 

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