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    #HeyjowLooks — layering tips

    #HeyjowLooks: Make your neckstack with short necklaces

    Add some 'oomph' to your daily look. Here are some Heyjow pieces that'll help you look more put together on video calls.

    Vera in Azure + Ida elephant charm + Orla horn charm + Cerise druzy necklace

    Vera in black + Zona layering set + Seraphine crow foot charm

    Vita necklace + Vera in scarlet

    Vita necklace (without medallion) + Athena in Turquoise + Oro

    Nayeli charm necklace + Athena in Azure + Vera in white


    Which short necklace look is your favorite?

    3 Ways to Wear Your Turquoise Necklace

    Turquoise is a perfect pop of color against gold, and it never goes out of style. It's a versatile stone, lending itself easily to just about anyone's style vibe. See how our Chief jeweler, Joana, styled her beaded turquoise necklace with other Heyjow pieces.



    Look 1: Beaded Turquoise necklace + Oriel Set + Bela Set 


    Look 2: Beaded Turquoise necklace + Nieves Set + Nudara Lariat


    Look 3: Beaded Turquoise necklace + Orla charm necklace + Cerise druzy charm necklace + beaded chain for the Celeste set


    Which beaded turquoise look is your favorite?

    Time to go to our Layering Lab

    Layering necklaces can be quite tricky and when done right, it can dramatically elevate your look.

    Our Chief jeweler, Joana, showed us how she styled our latest pieces from the Golden Glow collection.

    Layering Tip #1: There is beauty in simplicity. The good news is that you can never wear too much minimalist jewelry.

    Layering Tip #2: Pile up different length, texture and size to create your individual style, and add dimension to your outfit.

    Layering Tip #3: For a boho look, just add a pop of color by adding nature elements and some beaded pieces or gemstone pendants.


    Layering Tip #4: There are many possibilities to wear a lariat necklace. These pieces are so versatile and adaptable to any style. They look discreet, but chic when styled with your outfit.

    Layering Tip #5: Don't be afraid to pair your dainty pieces with chunkier chain necklaces for a full layered look.


    Which layered look are you?