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A Fresh Approach to Indoor Living

Since the announcement of the enhanced community quarantine, the Heyjow team has been looking for simple ways to adapt to our new reality. We are used to working from home most of the week but this time around, we're looking at a much longer period and a lot of uncertainty. 

It's not easy to stay productive when there's a health threat lurking outside and more than ever, we need to take care of our physical, emotional and mental well-being. We're taking this lockdown as an opportunity to go back to basics: to nourish our bodies and minds well, rekindle forgotten hobbies, and be more present with our loved ones. 

If you need some inspiration on how to make the best of indoor life, here's a list of recommended activities from the team: 

1. Do meditation 

Solitude is a good thing for the soul - and now is the best time to deepen your spiritual practice through meditation. There are a lot of free guided meditations you can choose from on YouTube and Spotify. You can try life coach Kimi Lu's guided meditations, which include a breathing meditation for beginners and more visual ones such as rainbow and shower meditations. 

2. Document your days in a journal

We've recently gone back to journaling thanks to Sunshine Asuncion-See of The Crafters Marketplace. Shine introduced us to The Happy Planner during our Intentional Note-Taking Workshop and we've been able to keep track of our schedule as well as our thoughts and dreams in its colorful pages.

A peek inside Kath's Happy Planner journal

Take this time as an opportunity to document your day-to-day even if you're just at home so you can look back at it later. There might be something from this time that will inspire a future project. When done with meditation, journaling can help you cultivate self-awareness. Allow yourself now to process and heal your emotions - and you'll be able to face the world with more inner wisdom. 

3. Grow your indoor garden

Plants make any space feel lighter and refreshing - and adding some to your indoor space during this time can make quarantine days more bearable. 

Sheila's a new plant mama and is joyfully tending to her plant babies  

Take out those pots you've been hoarding and re-pot your existing plants. Give your plant collection a little more TLC!

4. Rekindle or take up new hobbies

Maybe you have barely used watercolor palettes from the last workshop you attended or have the books you bought from the last Big Bad Wolf sale still untouched. Instead of being glued to your phone, try doing some 'analog' activities you've been missing. 

Kath's current reads

For those who love music, maybe this is the time you finally get to learn how to play a musical instrument (maybe you have a guitar lying around?) or you can try exploring new artists and go outside of your usual genre.

Kath's current musical obsessions: the kalimba and Maggie Rogers

5. Get creative in the kitchen

Now that you don't have to hurry in the morning, you can make your breakfast time extra special. 

Joana's festive Filipino breakfast bowl

Try that new recipe you've been wanting to do - and make a pretty tablescape for it.

When you don't have to rush off somewhere, you have time to whip up something special like Joana who made two kinds of paella

Dining at home isn't limited to the dining area - you can do an indoor picnic with your kids. Set up the living room floor with some pillows and blankets - and snuggle up with whatever snacks you feel like having! 

Jaz created a simple indoor picnic set-up at home with her daughter Sav

6. Exercise

Lastly, it's important to keep moving our bodies, especially after long hours of sitting.

Sheila's husband Jorem exercising with their daughters Sky, River and Luna

Do some stretching from time to time and try one of the routines from free exercise apps like 7 Minute Workout and 30-Day Squat Challenge. You can even make this a family activity!

What have you been up to at home? Share it with us in the comments! 

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#HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Holiday Tablescape

#HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Holiday Tablescape

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