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    #QuarantineCorners — mich araullo

    #HeyjowQuarantineCorners: Inside Mich Araullo's Colonial-Tropical Home

    There is an upside to spending our days at home: we can finally clean, declutter and even redesign our spaces. This new series called #HeyjowQuarantineCorners aims to inspire creativity and joyful living at home despite what's happening in the world right now. Let's explore these beautiful spaces together, which have been generously shared with us by friends. 


    Mich Araullo's home is a bold mix of old-world colonial and tropical, filled with vibrant patterns and heirloom pieces.

    "I like filling my home with pieces that tell a story - be it from my own personal travels or vintage pieces from family," shared the fashion designer.

    "I took the lockdown as an opportunity to declutter and do some minor home improvements. Other than that, I have been spending a lot of quality time with my family, cooking, planning and sampling pieces for my next collection," Mich shares. 

    "I added a few more vignettes in different parts of the house, rearranged some furniture and tidied up a few corners. I make it a point to do something creative every day." 

    Which corner of Mich's house is your favorite? Share it in the comments!