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Fashion design and farming are two very different realms – and Hindy Weber Tantoco thrives in both. The independent designer and co-founder of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms is equally passionate about creating beautiful bridal gowns and making sustainable food as a platform for awareness and change.     

Hindy takes us on a quick tour of their Sta. Rosa, Laguna farm and shares what’s at the heart of her two passions:

On personal style: “Most people think that I’m bohemian but I wouldn’t say I’m completely boho. Maybe I give off a boho vibe because of my lifestyle: I like to eat clean, be in nature and live outdoors and I like doing eco-travel. I love fashion and I just love exploring different styles so that makes it pretty eclectic. Dressing up for me is like play time and it’s the best way I can express myself. Sometimes I feel like being minimalist so I’ll just play around with that mood. I guess you can say my style is moody!”

Hindy wearing a polka-dotted summer dress with (1) Tropicana necklace, (2) Aspen earrings and (3) Aradia bangles

On outfit essentials: “I always have my weather-proof rubber boots in my car. I wear it with shorts or jeans, when I’m in the farm or when it’s raining. People think it’s hot but it’s not. It’s one of my essentials same as a trench coat.”

A typical day at the farm calls for a basic shirt and denim shorts with her favorite rubber boots

On what she wears on a typical day: “Denim shorts with a plain shirt or a denim button down.”

Hindy's accessory picks include earrings with wood mixed with acrylic accents, minimalist bracelet bangle and natural druzy crystal necklaces  

On what a typical work day looks like: “I wake up early, do a little meditation then drop off my kids at school. Then I come to the farm, talk to the farmers, have coffee at the Farm Shed Café, and then I go to the city to meet a client or visit my store and fashion studio. I always end the day with exercise. I either run or do cross-fit.”

Left: Hindy pairs her denim button down with a gingham skirt finished off with (4) Apricot earrings and (5) Cabo 2-layer necklace. Right: Some of Hindy's essentials include organic pomade, natural hand sanitizer and Happy Skin's Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 Blush 

On how she discovered her passion for fashion and farming: “Since I was young, I’ve loved nature and the outdoors. I have a deep respect for wildlife. That love was always there. In fact, I wanted to be a zoologist." 

"At the same time, I was also very creative and would always be sketching and painting, which evolved into fashion. Once I had children, I started asking a lot of questions like what’s the best for them and where would be the best place to live and that reawakened my nature-loving side.”

Hindy with one of the farm's fluffy chickens. The (6) Citron hoop earrings gives a her denim and gingham pairing a festive (and farm-chic) vibe

On memorable projects: “It’s always a huge deal for me every time I design a bridal gown. I really take it to heart. That’s why I limit the number of brides I work with every year because I really get involved. In terms of the farm, the ‘Balik Bukid’ events we organized really changed the landscape for markets, country festivals, and farming. Nobody was doing that kind of event before.”

Hindy wearing a printed romper with (7) Apero fan earrings and (8) Clementine 2-layer necklace

On her inspiration: “My second daughter is my main inspiration. She was born with a condition that inhibits her walking and her balance so I spend a lot of time on her therapy and homeschooling. She determines so much for our family. Our family lifestyle has really slowed down because of her. Every time I get offered a project or I want to do a blog or I have some grand idea, I always ask myself ‘Is it going to take my time away from her and my other kids?’ so it has really changed my priorities.”

Hindy adds color to her black and white ensemble with (9) Apero fan earrings with tourmaline stones

On what motivates her: “As cheesy as it sounds, I really want to make the world a better place. I want to make it more beautiful. When I’m long gone, I want to at least say that I contributed to its growth and evolution instead of just consuming.”

What’s next for her: “We’re always thinking of how to improve our advocacy and our business. I’m always wondering and struggling how to pursue all these ideas without sacrificing my family life. Our ultimate goal is to improve the food in the hospitals. We also want to teach more kids how to grow food so we want to reach out to the local barangays and public schools to have edible school gardens and to make it a life skill.”   

Follow Hindy on Instagram: @hindyweber

Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)



(1) Tropicana necklace

(2) Aspen earrings

(3) Aradia bangles

(4) Apricot earrings

(5) Cabo 2-layer necklace - coming soon!

(6) Citron hoop earrings

(7) and (9) Apero fan earrings - coming soon!

(8) Clementine 2-layer necklace

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