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Paula and Rica

Paula and Rica

Sisters Paula Peralejo-Fernandez and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio share quite a few things together: they've both appeared on the small and big screens, share a love for travel and now play the role of mom to their young sons. 

When it comes to personal style, they both agree on the classic appeal and functionality of a button down top and accessorizing with statement pieces.

Here, they share with us how their styles have evolved since they became moms and some tips on how to become an expert in mixing and matching:

On personal style: 

Paula: "My style is very basic. I’m not so much into prints unless it’s stripes or a certain type of floral print. I like basic tops and bottoms because I like to add more to my outfit through accessorizing such as jewelry, scarves and hats."

"For tops and bottoms, I gravitate towards neutral colors like gray, navy blue and white. I love white because it’s so easy to mix with anything and you always look polished even if you’re just wearing a button down polo. Then I use mustard as a complementing color."

Paula wears a blue top from Elin with (1) Zeta necklace complemented with (2) Frost stalactite necklace

Rica: "I would say functional Japanese. I gravitate towards boxy, breathable silhouettes that allows you to move and work but also without looking too plain or uniform-ish. My friends would tell me that my clothes don’t look like they’re related to each other but when you take a closer look, they’re really easy to mix and match. "

"I love turtlenecks because I have a long neck and I know that it makes me look longer. I also gravitate towards tight-fitting tops because if I wear loose tops, I look like I’m drowning in fabric or the clothes are wearing me and not the other way around. I tend to gravitate towards tops that accentuate my upper body or the leanest part of my body and then I just hide all of my secrets below with my boxy and loose pants."

Rica wears her red turtleneck with Uniqlo torn jeans, (3) Vause earrings and (4) Moira ring  

On what she wears on a typical day:

Paula: "Right now, I’m nursing so I wear nursing tops that are also in neutral colors. I wear more pants in soft fabrics than jeans. On a normal day, I don’t really put on a lot of accessories but if I’m meeting up with friends or will be out for a while, I would usually wear statement earrings. I used to not leave the house without necklaces but I’ve shifted to wearing earrings with hooks so it’s easier to remove. Statement earrings are a great accent and you become more presentable just by putting them on."

Paula wearing a white button down dress with (5) Carina earrings 

Rica: "I’m a jeans and pants person so I play around with bottoms. I have a very small waist and big hips so I capitalize more on the waist and would usually go for tops I can tuck in. I mix tailored pieces with more casual ones or something very stiff with something loose. I always like to mix things up to avoid looking too rigid."

Rica wears her Uniqlo jeans with a gray Gap knit vest, white long sleeve shirt, (6) Jin gemstone necklace and (7) sphere necklace (part of Ursa layering necklace)

On shoes, bags and jewelry:

Paula: "Scarves have always been an essential. For shoes, sandals and bags, I always end up choosing tan."

Paula's everyday essentials include a tan pouch, a printed scarf, classic shades and lippies

Rica: "I like to play around when it comes to accessories. My wardrobe is made up of pieces that I can easily put together and I make it a point for my accessories to add a certain kick to my outfit. I like colorful, festive and statement bags, earrings and necklaces. I will have statement earrings or necklaces or a very plain bag with an interesting strap."

Rica's essentials include a monogram leather zip pouch and a camera with a printed strap 

On how her style has evolved:

Paula: "I now restrict myself to tops that are easy for breastfeeding like nursing tops and button down tops. What I really miss wearing are my tunics and caftans. I used to wear them all the time because they’re so easy to wear and can go from day to night. I was living in resort wear for a long time. Now they’re just in the closet and I can’t let go of them because I know I’ll return to them one day." 

Rica: "I’ve always been more into comfort and function rather than being fashionable. I was always the type who would wear flats and sneakers because they allowed me to move. More than evolving, I found the right time or era that fits my style. I’ve always loved Japanese fashion since the ‘90’s and they found my style too quirky back then. Now it’s a global trend and people have accepted that kind of aesthetic."

Rica: "More than any other time in my life, motherhood made me realize that my style fits all kinds of lifestyles and life moments. Being a mom also allowed me to wear more polo shirts. When I was breastfeeding, there weren’t a lot of choices when it came to clothes and that’s when I saw the value of a button down shirt."

Style tips:

Paula: "You can always start with the basics like pieces in neutral colors and stripes then try experimenting with accessories little by little so you can find out what your style is and what suits you better. For new moms, I can’t recommend nursing tops enough. Stay away from necklaces at this point because your child will definitely grab it. Stick to hook earrings because they’re very easy to take out once your baby starts playing with it." 

Paula wearing a white polo with (8) Cassian tassel earrings and (9) Tinsel bracelet

Rica: "Start with who you are in terms of personality, lifestyle and body type. The truth is, I only know as much as I know of myself. Even fashion experts are probably geared towards a certain style or personality and they can never know exactly what feels right for someone."

Rica wears a mustard top with (10) Samara necklace set

Rica: "In anything in life, you have to know yourself really well. The base when it comes to style and fashion is yourself. Look at people who have the same body type as you and take notes from them. Train your eyes to see what can work for you."


Follow Paula on Instagram: @mama_the_explorer

Follow Rica on Instagram: @ricaperalejo

Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)

Make-up by Tamara Pineda (@tamarapineda_)



(1) Zeta necklace 

(2) Frost stalactite necklace

(3) Vause earrings 

(4) Moira ring  

(5) Carina earrings

(6) Jin gemstone necklace - exclusively available at Aranaz

(7) Sphere necklace (part of Ursa layering necklace)

(8) Cassian tassel earrings - coming soon!

(9) Tinsel bracelet

(10) Samara necklace

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