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Kelly Misa-Fernandez believes that a working wardrobe is the answer to every woman’s “nothing to wear” dilemma. Just like any modern woman, the long-time model, TV host, and lifestyle blogger juggles multiple roles: wife to husband Carlos, mom to Tristan, and host of her travel and lifestyle show called “Trending with Kelly” on ANC.                    

The statuesque beauty shares with us her practical approach to shopping and tips on how to find a look that’s genuinely you:

On personal style: “It has to be a perfect mix of comfort and style, form and function. Style has become an after-thought. I like a lot of girly clothes, dresses that are flowy and lacy with forgiving silhouettes – not too tight but still very flattering. As long as it has a clean silhouette, it’s flattering, and it feels like me, I buy it.”  

Kelly wearing her white lace dress with (1) Caba Afghan bead tassel earrings (2) Wildcat bracelet (3) Cala turquoise bracelet and (4) white agate piece from Lyla bracelet set

On what’s in her closet: “I love basic and earthy, relaxing tones complemented with pastels and muted colors. I usually wear the same things over and over again that’s why I have to make sure I have to be able to wear something many times before I buy it. I like that kind of working wardrobe because it’s easier for me. My closet is divided into workhorse clothes – ones that I just wear without thinking too much about it and I can put on in 5 minutes – and ones that I wear for special occasions like strappy tops.”

Kelly wears her lavender lace top with (5) Victoria 3-layer necklace

On what she wears on a typical day: “Every day is different for me since I’m a hands-on mom and wear a lot of different hats so what I wear depends on what is required. When I have to attend an event, that’s when I dress up more. If I just have to go out with my family, I wear basic t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers but I do love to accessorize. I think that will be the saving grace to my rather simple look.”

Kelly wears her lavender top and white cropped pants with (6) Amal aventurine drop earrings and (7) Mosa horn necklace

On her choice of jewelry: “It’s either very simple and minimalist or really full-on statement pieces. It also depends on my mood and where I’m going. The more simple, subdued jewelry are reserved for days when I’m just running errands or I’m with my son and when I’m not with him, that’s when I can wear the more flamboyant ones.”

Kelly's picks: (8) Roan filigree earrings (9) Cala turquoise bracelet (10) Mosa horn necklace (11) white agate piece from Lyla bracelet set (12) Wildcat bracelet (13) Boka white tassel earrings and (14) Caba Afghan bead tassel earrings in sky blue

On bags: “I used to like funky and cute bags but I rarely carry small bags nowadays. It’s more of backpacks and carry-all totes that can fit all the toys, snacks, and all the little things my son needs. When I have to use a smaller bag, I just put it inside the bigger one to make it seem like I don’t have a million things with me.”  

On shoes: “I used to love statement shoes – anything with a chunky heel or a great color or design. These days, I wear flats, strappy sandals, or sneakers. All my high heels are collecting dust at the moment.”

Kelly likes to invest in timeless and versatile pieces that she can use for a long time such as her Givenchy leather bag and Valentino studded flats 

Style tips: “I think if you’re true to yourself and you know who you are, everything else will follow. Try to think of three things that best embody you and shop based on your needs so you won’t make the mistake of buying something that’s not you.”

Kelly wears her denim top and cut-out pants with (15) Seville two-tone earrings

"If you buy something that you’re not comfortable in then you just wasted your money even if you bought it on sale. I used to buy whatever was trendy but now I have to make sure it has to stay with me for a long time.”

Kelly wearing a custom beige dress with (16) Modena tassel earrings and (17) Lyla bracelet set

“Try not to stick to trends because these days, it’s all about finding a timeless look, a look that’s more you. It’s more about personal style than whatever is trendy at the moment." 

Follow Kelly on Instagram: @kellymisa

Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)

Shot on location at Ibiza Beach Club BGC



(1) and (14) Caba earrings - will be exclusively available at Lanai 

(2) and (12) Wildcat bracelet

(3) and (9) Cala turquoise bracelet

(4) (11) and (17) Lyla bracelet set

(5) Victoria 3-layer necklace

(6) Amal aventurine drop earrings

(7) and (10) Mosa horn necklace 

8) Roan earrings

(13) Boka white tassel earrings

(15) Seville earrings

(16) Modena tassel earrings

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