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For beauty maven Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, style is about choosing versatile pieces that make you feel confident no matter the occasion. Style is also as much about finding the best beauty and skincare products as picking the right pair of heels.

Here, she shares with us her personal beauty philosophy and the easiest way to update your look without spending too much.

On personal style: “I would say my style is a fusion of the clean, timeless and the unexpected.”

“Time is a woman’s prized luxury. As a mom, wife, columnist, and entrepreneur running the Happy Skin business, I gravitate towards quality fashion pieces that also multi-task and work as hard as I do. Hardworking yet beautiful clothes are a must. I go for effortless yet interesting pieces I can wear many times and in multiple ways.”

Rissa wearing (1) Seville earrings and (2) Brillo amethyst druzy necklace

“When you have a wardrobe that works well for you, you spend less time choosing and caring for your clothes and you can instead focus on the more important matters like family and things you are passionate about.”

On what’s in her closet: “For me, a fashion ensemble should be comfortable enough for the wearer to forget about it but fabulous enough to be remembered by those who see it. I particularly love Rhett Eala’s creations for their easy elegance.”

“Dresses are the fashion items I turn to with confidence. They work for me when I don’t know what to wear. They flow over a woman’s flaws and hug the right places. They can be worn many times over by just changing the accessories. They are reliable pieces that never fail to make a woman feel remarkable.”

Rissa wearing a Rhett Eala dress with (3) Bonita red tassel earrings with turquoise bezel stones

On heels: “A great pair of heels can change your mood, posture, and attitude. It can instantly transform outfits from simple to stunning. It will work for you on your best day and on your worst day. And no matter what, it will always make your legs look better.”


Rissa wearing bejeweled pumps with her Rhett Eala dress accessorized with (4) Almeria 2-layer necklace

On accessories: “I can never resist a beautiful accessory. For me, it should be the star of a relatively simple outfit, with other pieces playing a supporting role."

Some of Rissa's favorite things include aviators, perfume from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and her Happy Skin necklace

"I always take with me an Aranaz clutch when traveling. They make great conversation pieces and are always a symbol of Pinoy pride!”

Rissa's favorite Aranaz clutches

Rissa's picks: (5) Bonita red tassel earrings (6) Linda white druzy earrings (7) Vida pom-pom earrings and (8) Caba Afghan bead tassel earrings in lavender

On her personal skincare regimen: “I wear sunblock every day. A global skin expert once told me that how much time you spend in the sun in those first 15 years of your life is the biggest single determinant of how you’re going to look when you’re older. I’m a fan of proper skincare and I’m loyal to Pond’s simply because it works and really delivers younger-looking skin without needles or machines."

Rissa wearing (9) Linda white druzy earrings

“I also make sure to complement my skincare routine with my own brand of cosmetics, Happy Skin, which is makeup that cares for the skin."

Rissa's beauty kit is made up of Happy Skin's bestselling cosmetics

"I’ve tried so many makeup brands and the biggest beauty woe is going home with ruined skin. Truly good makeup should be your ally – not your enemy – in making you look and feel more beautiful."

Rissa wearing a blush-colored dress paired with (10) Vida pom-pom earrings in white 

Style tips: “The easiest way to update your look? A new lippie, two coats of fresh nail polish, or a statement accessory. These are my no-fail ways to instantly look on top of trends without breaking the bank.”

Rissa’s current lippie faves:  Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Under the Sheets, Honeymoon Glow, and Indulge Me   

"I also believe that happiness is the best beauty secret."

Follow Rissa on Instagram: @rissamananquil

Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)



(1) Seville earrings

(2) Brillo amethyst druzy necklace - coming soon!

(3) Bonita red tassel earrings with turquoise bezel stones - coming soon!

(4) Almeria 2-layer necklace

(6) and (9) Linda white druzy earrings - coming soon!

(7)  Vida pom-pom earrings in black

(8) Caba Afghan bead tassel earrings in lavender - coming soon!

(10) Vida pom-pom earrings in white 

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