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Fringe, flounce and flamboyance – these three make up Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi’s collection of fun accessories that she easily mixes with classic wardrobe pieces to create a fun and feminine look that’s all her own.

The writer, TV host, and mom of two talks about her style evolution and the pieces that she holds close to her heart.

On personal style: “I tend to stick to classic lines because it suits me well. I do like pencil skirts, shift dresses with 1950’s cuts, and anything that defines the waist. The older I get, the more I veer away from prints. I used to love prints but now I’m more into classic pieces."

"When I do wear prints, I go for ethnic prints. I’d pair a bold skirt with an African print with a white shirt. I would usually wear a classic shirt and pants with a fun pair of earrings or bag because I really love to accessorize. There’s always a boho element of ruffles, off-the-shoulder, or tassels.”

Stephanie wearing (1) Maui tassel earrings, (2) clear quartz prism bracelet and (3) tourmaline and moonstone bracelet set

On her evolving style: “I was just telling my husband the other day that my closet was starting to look like his. I’ve eliminated a lot of prints from my closet. I used to have a lot of brightly colored, block print tunics and now it’s more of striped shirts and shorts in white and navy blues."

"I don’t have as much time to think about an outfit and when things are very patterned or colorful, you have to curate it better so you don’t look like a Christmas tree so now it’s just easier for me to pull out anything, at least for everyday wear. It’s a lot more casual and relaxed. I’ll just save the extra oomph for a special occasion.”

Stephanie wearing a (4) 2-layer piece featuring a green geode on moonstone beads

Stephanie wearing (5) salmon tassel earrings and (6) howlite and clear quartz bracelet duo

On her favorite accessories: “I bought these shoes in Jaipur, India in one of the markets. In the beginning, they weren’t so comfortable but the more I wear it, the softer it gets because it’s made with camel skin. Pairing them with a simple shirt and jeans immediately makes you look dressed up.”

“This hand woven bag is from my friend Rocio Olbes-Ressano’s line called Henry. It’s has a really nice story because she works with a community of women who are recovering from abuse. A lot of her work involves social entrepreneurship and this is one of her endeavors. I use it all the time because it’s a really great shade of red. It’s looks nice with almost anything and I’m always in jeans and a white shirt so it really pops out. This fits everything! If you open it, you’ll see everything from a stuffed toy to my phone to make-up and food.”

There's no shortage of patterns when it comes to Stephanie's collection of clutches and sling bags

Stephanie loves color especially when it comes to accessories. Some of her favorite shoes include fringe-y blue heels and red studded ones from Aquazzura, orange and yellow tasseled shoes from Kotur, and nude frilly ones from Stuart Weitzman.

Stephanie loves statement earrings in a mix of bright and rich colors. Shown here are some of her favorite earrings, which includes Heyjow's (10) filigree tassel earrings in indigo (center) and ones she bought abroad

These swirl earrings are from Sri Lanka, which Stephanie bought during her honeymoon. "I like pieces that have a story and have a travel aspect to it," she shared.

On how Buddhism has influenced her: “I have tattoos. Not too many people know about it. I got it when I was 16. I was very much into yoga and Buddhism when I was in high school and I was reading a lot of Buddhist works. The first one is karuna, the Buddhist word for ‘compassion’, which in Buddhism means the desire that all living beings be free from pain or suffering. I thought it was a nice message to have on me. My other tattoo is the lotus flower, which represents the ability to rise about the ugliness in the world and still come out beautiful.”

On sentimental pieces: “This necklace by Me & Ro has the 4 Immeasurables of Buddhism. I just keep adding charms to this piece like the infinity symbol, which symbolizes my wedding day. The cross is from Sebastian’s baptism. I have yet to add the cross from Maxi’s baptism. I just add things that mean something to me and then I wear it almost like an anting-anting.”

“My husband gave me the turquoise scarab. His father gave it to him from Egypt and it served as a lucky charm to protect him whenever he travels. He kept it in his wallet and carried it with him everywhere he went. He gave it to me when we got married so I would always be protected when I travel. I had it mounted on a necklace. I wear it also quite often.”

Stephanie put together different charms that have sentimental value on this necklace, which includes a locket with a portrait of her family and the scapular from her baptism

Style tip: "I think you just have to accept that your style evolves with your personality and your needs. When I became a mom, I became less inclined to wear things that were too complicated. I love silk shirts and used to wear them every day but it’s just not practical with a toddler and a baby. Now, it’s evolved to things that are easy to wash like cotton and things that you can move in."

Stephanie wearing an off-shoulder dress by Rajo Laurel, (7) white agate earrings, (8) 2-layer disc with pearl center and curved bar, and teardrop mother of pearl on howlite beads and rollo chain

Stephanie wearing an off-shoulder dress by Rajo Laurel with (9) white tassel and clear quartz necklace 

Tips for new moms: "For new moms, your best asset is getting back in shape. It’s not so much about but losing pounds and being thin but about feeling your best. No amount of accessorizing or shopping will ever replace that feeling of being healthy and confident."

Follow Stephanie on Instagram: @stephaniezubiri

Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)



(1) Maui earrings from Prelude to Summer collection

(2) and (6) Crest bracelet from Aloha White collection

(3) Currant bracelet set from Island Girl Blush collection 

(4) Bora 2-layer set from Prelude to Summer collection

 (5) Salmon tassel earrings - part of Island Girl Blush collection 

 (7) Mist earrings from Aloha White collection

(8) Moor 2-layer necklace from Aloha White collection

(9) Magnolia tassel necklace from Aloha White collection

(10) Filigree tassel earrings exclusively available at Lanai 


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