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Flow and form are the two elements that make up Joey Mead’s personal style.

“I think when someone turns 28, you really get to hone in on who you are and what you represent and what makes you feel good so already then, I was very playful with a bohemian feel – material that has a bit of a flow to it – and colors in deep jewel tones,” the model, host and runway coach shared. “But as time went on, I was also attracted to structure like the crisp white shirt. So I play around with my style by mixing structure and fluidity. My style speaks a lot on how I feel that day,” she shared.

We visited Joey in her Moroccan-themed home where we talked to her about dressing up according to your mood (with her lovable pets joining in on the conversation).

Her go-tos on a typical day: “Jeans and the mood would be either slim high waisted jeans or boyfriend jeans if I’m doing errands. Then the top would either be a structured shirt, a patterned top, or an off-the-shoulder bohemian feel. Then the shoes come in: sandals, wedges, kitten heels, or boots. This feel is mostly for Asia. I’m more playful in western countries due to the weather. For colder climates, my knee-highs, thigh-high boots come out and paired with large sweaters and blazers.

Joey wearing an embroidered robe from Morocco with Heyjow tassel and tribal necklaces

On her current mood: “I’ve been gravitating towards a looser, more languid feel and what makes me feel really good and comfortable. I’m zoning in on more drapey pieces like the kimono jacket. I feel like you can put them on anything. Jumpsuits are great because I can wear it with wedges or sandals.”

Joey with her dogs Halle and Noah in a striped jumpsuit paired with (1) howlite and tassel necklace, (2) Tree of Life necklace and lapis lazuli pieces from her jewelry box

On bags: “I’m attracted to sling bags mainly for function. I need to have something accessible and close to me. When Valentino came out with a turquoise collection, I felt like he was designing for me. Turquoise and studs with a super colorful guitar sling strap? I was like, ‘Are you speaking to me?’ That’s one of my favorite bags.”

Joey’s favorite bags include a studded Valentino, a purple and black Gucci, and a colorful Wayuu

Style icons: “I’ve always liked the style of Nicole Richie. Her ‘House of Harlow’ pieces always get me excited. I think of Blondie who had a nice punk feel to her and that’s where I get the slouchy t-shirts, the boyfriend jeans and loafers. Blondie also calls to mind leatherette and leather pants. She has a rock bad-ass appeal. I did go through that phase, too.”

Some of Joey's favorite eyewear

Joey loves statement pieces with an edgy appeal and anything in blue. Shown here is her collection mostly made up of Heyjow pieces in lapis lazuli, turquoise, and sapphire with her Tree of Life and three-fold Knight ring

On wearing color: “I think sometimes people feel too safe and want to stick to neutrals when a pop of color is very nourishing for the soul. Sometimes a pop of color for me is lipstick. Or it comes down to underwear. I’ll wear some of my really sexy pieces or wear this bright blue or purple one under my pair of jeans. Choosing a color is like setting the tone of your day.”

Joey photographed on the couch she designed for Philux wearing a cut-out turtleneck with (3) blue horn necklace and (4) Afghan drop earrings 

Style tip: “Study what colors suit you. Some colors might be dulling and then there are colors that allow you to pop more. So first study color, pattern, and cut."

 Follow Joey on Instagram: @joeymeadking



(1) Ceci howlite and tassel necklace from Symmetry Collection

(2) Tree of Life Necklace

(3) Habibi blue horn necklace from Symmetry Collection

(4) Afghan drop earrings - available soon at House of Laurel and Rajo stores


Photography by Sheila Catilo (@sheilacatilo)

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