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    Blog — celebrating gracefully

    #HeyjowLoves: Artesania Furniture

    We love finding 'secret' cafes where we can indulge in good coffee while brainstorming.

    We recently had the chance to check out Caffeined by Artesania, a nice little nook tucked along Arnaiz Avenue that serves specialty coffee, small plates and gourmet meals. What makes it different than your average cafe is the fact that it's inside the showroom of Artesania Furniture, a local company that makes modern custom-made furniture. 

    Artesania also showcases other Filipino home and lifestyle brands such as Strange Mercy, Sa Isla, Hima and Saan Saan.

    Scarves from Strange Mercy

    Palawan-made baskets from Sa Isla

    Amethyst crystals from Hima

    Handmade soy candles from Saan Saan

    The space is also good for events and we were grateful to be part of the fifth run of Celebrating Gracecfully, a positivity workshop hosted by life coach Kimi Lu and mompreneur and blogger Grace Barbers-Baja aka The Spoiled Mummy held at Artesania in celebration of Independence Day. 

    Kimi and Grace during the 5th run of their workshop at Artesania

    If you need a dose of caffeine with a side of design inspiration, Artesania Furniture is good place to get your creative juices going.

    Loving Local and #CelebratingGracefully for Independence Day

    Inspiration and positivity are two things we love - and we had a good dose of both when we attended the fifth run of #CelebratingGracefully, a positivity workshop series hosted by life coach Kimi Lu and mompreneur and blogger Grace Barbers-Baja aka The Spoiled Mummy.

    Grace Barbers-Baja and Kimi Lu recently hosted the fifth run of #CelebratingGracefully for Independence Day

    Held at Artesania Furniture in Makati, the workshop was a celebration of everything local in time for Independence Day. The workshop invited attendees to spend a few hours of introspection and engage with like-minded people through interactive activities. 

    Attendees shared stories over Artesania’s Pinoy pica-pica and a grazing table with Grace’s delectable array of artisanal dips. 

    Artesania's Pinoy pica pica spread 

    Attendees sampled Grace's artisanal line of dips called Taste by Grace Home

    What made this workshop more special was special guest Amber Folkman aka A Momma Abroad who talked about the positive aspects of living in the Philippines  and re-framing the negative with an abundance mentality. 

    Case in point: stuck in crazy Manila traffic? Instead of complaining, listen to audio books and podcasts while you're in transit. 

    Kimi and Grace with Amber Folkman 

    “I made a personal pledge to find whatever I needed locally. Manila has everything and the more I looked for things I needed, the more I found them,” she shared. This personal pledge was what inspired #PerksofPinas, which is now a community hashtag that invites people to find magic in everyday Pinoy life. 

    “I feel so fortunate that I get to do motherhood and raise my kids in the Philippines. It’s a very special place,” Amber said.

    Among the attendees were Liz and Phi Anh of Project: Ki.D.S, a caring community that helps feed malnourished children through the sale of Kindness Hero Dolls.

    Phi Anh and Liz of Project: Ki.D.S

    The price of one doll can already support 1 child for 10 months. Part of the proceeds of the workshop were also donated to this project.

    Project Ki.D.S' Kindness Hero Dolls


    Thank you, Kimi, Grace and Amber for an afternoon of good vibes!