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    Blog — maggie wilson consunji

    #HeyjowTeam Picks at Casa Consunji

    Last year's Style Stories featured a number of notable creative entrepreneurs such as Hindy Weber Tantoco and Rajo Laurel

    This year, we're taking it further with our Art and Design series featuring a more diverse line-up of creatives sharing their inspirations, work spaces and insights. 

    Our first story for the year is on Casa Consunji, Maggie Wilson-Consunji's newest venture, where you can find unique home items perfect for coastal living.

    Inside Casa Consunji's first store located in Taguig

    We visited Maggie's first store in Taguig where we learned more about her design philosophy and creative process in putting together a collection.

    Maggie's newest venture is an expression of her love for interior design

    Stepping inside Casa Consunji is like going on a mini vacay because it's not your typical home and furniture store. If you love handmade items made of natural materials, it's definitely a must-visit! Here are just some of the things we loved:

    Joana: "I find these rattan furniture pieces so refreshing! The natural material interpreted in a modern design can give warmth to a space without making it feel cramped. These brass pieces also lend warmth but with a dose of understated luxury."

    Kath: "I love the fringes on these raffia coasters - they can add a touch of playfulness to a table setting. I immediately thought of mythology when I saw these brass pieces and the beetle also reminded me of two of my favorite movies. These mugs are perfect for 'everyday elegance.' The silver-colored rim adds just a hint of refinement and make the pieces pop. These mugs can even be conversation pieces."

    Sheila: "This brass floor lamp has so much character - it's feminine, elegant and most importantly, saves space! The chair would come in handy for 'instant' photo shoots with my kids. The texture on these bathroom essentials reminds me of the beach and the happy moments my family and I have spent together - and the muted color just makes them so charming!"

    Jaz: "This brass cutlery set would be perfect for a romantic table set-up - maybe for a DIY Valentine's Day dinner. I love the exotic vibe of the lamp and drum - they remind me of my favorite beach trips to Indonesia and Batangas."

    Michelle: "I love the happy and young vibe of these round mirrors. I think red is such a fun and festive color that can be used beyond the holiday season and these red plates can make a summer-themed tablescape look more inviting." 

    Have you been to Casa Consunji? Share your finds in the comments below! 

    #HeyjowTurns4: Behind-the-scenes of our Anniversary Collection Shoot

    #HeyjowTurns4: Behind-the-scenes of our Anniversary Collection Shoot

    We turned things up a notch this year by exploring the wilder side of things for our 4th Anniversary Collection.  

    Inspired by South Africa's exotic landscape, the Savanna Collection boasts of bold pieces in brand-new elements that lend a new dimension to Heyjow’s bohemian aesthetic.

    Pieces from the Savanna Collection

    The exotic quality of our latest pieces reminded us of one “amazing” woman who exudes the same distinctive appeal.

    Elements include cascading leather tassels,  wildcat charms, and wooden horn pendants 

    Model, entrepreneur and interior designer Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s flair for playing up a neutral wardrobe palette with striking accessories made her the perfect muse for this special collection (she’s also our Style Story muse for June!).

    Her home also became the perfect backdrop for our look book shoot, which has a tropical-meets-tribal look.

    A beautiful Moroccan door serves as the main entrance to Maggie's home

    “I like calling my style tropical art deco,” Maggie shared. “I’m a fan of art deco but I also feel that true art deco is very heavy so I like to change it up by lightening the colors and softening the pieces with some tropical-looking pieces.”

    A lot of the pieces in her home are from her travels around the globe, which are mixed with family heirloom pieces.

    Inside Maggie's living room

    “I don’t like buying pieces out of just some random furniture store. I really enjoy pieces with stories. I have pieces from Italy, South Africa, Morocco, the Middle East, and Bali as well as locally made pieces from Zamboanga where my mother-in-law is from,” she described.

    “When you are designing a space, it’s always nice to incorporate the old with the new. It makes things more interesting and fun to look at. I love old items because I feel that they have a lot of character. I have a few brass pieces in the den that are also family heirlooms from my husband’s side."

     An old Persian rug found in Maggie's den serves as a striking backdrop

    That's a wrap: The Heyjow team with Maggie

    See pieces from our Savanna Collection here.