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    #HeyjowxNinna: A Colorful Summer Collaboration

    If you visited us at the recently held Manila FAME, you may have spotted watercolor artworks at our booth. 

    These were made by watercolor artist Ninna del Mundo who also designed custom note cards for Heyjow.

    A pack of these unique note cards were given to guests who shopped with us during the 3-day Manila FAME

    This colorful collaboration started last year when Ninna first created custom watercolor art for our 2018 color-coded summer collections. 


    Some of Ninna's custom artwork for last year's summer collections

    Ninna reinterpreted these elements and created new iterations for this year's Summer Symphony collection.


    Ninna's artwork for our current Summer Symphony collection

    "I take inspiration from Heyjow's pieces, then research sea life subjects according to the color themes for the collection. I then paint the elements one by one so I can detail them and combine them digitally to form a vibrant watercolor reef," shared Ninna about her creative process.

    "Corals and shells are very graceful in form but they don't have a fixed 'anatomy'. I had to learn to loosen up my strokes and observe the subjects closely so I can interpret the nuances and graceful forms of organic sea life."

    Which of these is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments!

    Heyjow at the 2019 Manila FAME

    Known as the Philippines’ premier design and lifestyle event, Manila FAME promotes the Philippines as a reliable sourcing destination for high-quality and design-oriented home, fashion, holiday, architectural and interior products. 

    “When I came in, one of my earlier directives to the team was to make Manila FAME more experiential as an event. With the end goal being: to help the buyers experience rather than just see what it is that we have to offer," shared Pauline Suaco Juan, CITEM Executive Director, on a post.

    The 2019 edition of Manila FAME included new show features that included CREATE Lab, a platform for creatives and business owners to learn about creative business processes, and the Fashion E-tailer Special Setting that featured the country’s rising fashion entrepreneurs and designer commercial brands. 

    "We're infusing new blood and new ideas in our ways of doing things. As we enlist new designers into our creative community mix, we're also embracing new generation of entrepreneurs who, in their own ways, have been making waves in the digital retail sphere." - Manila FAME 

    Heyjow had the honor of being one of the featured Fashion E-tailers for the 3-day event held at the World Trade Center last April 25 to 27. 

    The team opted for a neutral palette punctuated with different textures and a bit of greenery

    Adding life to the space are custom watercolor prints by artist Ninna del Mundo

    Heyjow designer Joana Gube with fellow E-tailer exhibitors Anika Martirez of Wear Anika and Pat Gonzalez and Margaux Alampay of Coral Swimwear

    Joana with Kitty Bunag of Nomadic Tendencies

    Friends and clients both old and new dropped by our booth to shop our Summer Symphony collection. 

    Aside from exclusive discounts, trade show shoppers also received a set of free note cards designed with sea-inspired watercolor art by artist Ninna del Mundo. 

    Ninna created these unique note cards designed for our Summer Symphony collection

    Heyjow Chief Curator Kath Elefante with watercolor artist Ninna del Mundo

    Thank you to everyone who came by, chatted and shopped with us. Special thanks to Andre and Pauline for letting us be part of this exciting event.

    Joana with Manila FAME's fashion savant Andre Chang

    Joana with CITEM Executive Director Pauline Suaco Juan

    Manila FAME's Fashion E-tailers with the show's fashion savant Andre Chang

    The Heyjow team

    Congratulations to the whole Manila FAME team for a successful event!