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    What Your Earrings Say About You: Minimalist vs. Glamazon

    What are you most likely to wear: a pair of hoop earrings or an ornate botanical-inspired stunner? Take a closer look at two contrasting aesthetics with some of our pieces from the Holiday 2018 collection.


    You love the understated beauty of sleek and clean lines in a modern update. You tend to be always on the go so you need something you can put on without thinking and pieces that you know will make you look polished even if you don't wear add another piece of jewelry.

    Go-to piece: Hoops that vary in size depending on your mood.

    Vanna earrings in rose gold


    Fara Earrings in rose gold



    Damini earrings in rose gold


    Tovi hoop earrings (available in small, medium and large sizes)



    You're a trendsetter who is not afraid of wearing dramatic statement pieces - and the attention that goes with it. You like standing out in a crowd and also being in the middle of the action. For you, accessories are an expression of your bolder and unapologetic side.

    Go-to piece: Drop earrings with striking details

    Yalissa earrings

    Ishwar earrings


    Agathi earrings


    Lucette earrings

    Which pair is your pick?