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    It's A Spectral Soiree

    For Heyjow’s third birthday, we arranged a virtual dinner party of sorts.

    Dubbed as “Spectral Soiree”, our 3rd Anniversary Collection features pieces that will make an evening rendezvous a more memorable affair.

     Corsage Ring in Cerulean

    Rendered in dusky hues and boasting of mesmerizing elements, these pieces will surely elevate your evening ensemble with Heyjow's distinct boho flair mixed with an air of mystery.  

    Fatale 2-Layer Necklaces


    Luminesce Single Stalactite Necklaces

    Slip into your favorite little black dress and finish it off with the elegance of a Heyjow piece

    We've got Festival Fever!

    We’re ringing in Heyjow’s second year with a grand spectacle of gilded gems in vibrant hues and ornate one-of-a-kind pieces – a festive explosion of colors and textures.

    Taking inspiration from the flamboyance and contagious energy of the world’s famous parades, we’ve assembled pieces that reflect the vivaciousness of Carnevale.

    Swing into high gear by checking out the first collection for our 2nd anniversary - the Mardi Gras Collection

     Rings from the Mardi Gras Collection

    The collection features elaborate pieces that are as mesmerizing and striking as a brightly colored carnival mask or a bold costume. Great detailing – from the gemstones to the hardware – is what makes these pieces stunning and covetable.

    Join us in the revelry and stay tuned for more festival fun!