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    Blog — summer layering

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    Summer Layering Inspo: Maximalist Style with Five Layers + Statement Earrings

    If you’ve been following us for a while, you’re probably familiar with our signature layering pieces. Usually made of 2 and 3 necklace, our pre-layered sets are the perfect way to add some flair to a basic ensemble.

    Pieces from our Gold Coast Collection

    We’re in a maximalist mood these days and we tried mixing sets (and even added statement earrings to the mix) with Tin Magsaysay-Matic, one of the co-founders of modern Filipino restaurant Locavore.

    We shot Tin at Locavore's tropical-inspired branch in S Maison for her Style Stories feature

    Tin is a big fan of layering necklaces. “What I love about layering necklaces is I’m able to combine pieces that have sentimental value like jewelry from loved ones with pieces I’ve collected over the years.”

    Tin wearing the Solita and Sidra sets with her own medallion necklace

    “It can instantly spice up an outfit and I usually wear very basic clothes so jewelry makes the look less basic,” she added. We mixed two of our sets, the Solita and Sidra, with Tin’s own medallion necklace for the shoot – that’s a total of 5 necklaces!

    Tin wearing the Antigua in turquoise

    We also added the Antigua turquoise earrings for a pop of color. The leaf details  mimicked the frills of her playsuit, which made the entire look cohesive and definitely fun!

    Will you try out this look for the summer? Share it in the comments!  

    Summer forecast: Layering inspo for the start of summer

    It's only a few days into March and we can already feel a change in mood and temperature - the start of the summer season is here!

    Here are some layered looks with pieces from our Gold Coast collection worn with two staple prints: nautical stripes and florals. 

    Summer-ready pieces from our Gold Coast collection


    Medallions + shell and pearl layers  

    When in doubt, use repetition (in this case, shape).

    Beachy layers made up of Nauru, Soleya and Maila necklaces 


    Chunky charm necklace + pearl strand + dainty shell layer

    Make a striking layered look with a statement piece complemented with daintier pieces 

    Layers made up of chunky Pierra, Nauru and pearl strand from the Maila set 


    Beaded details + dainty charms

    Make your layered look more interesting by adding texture through beaded details

    Layered look made up of the Olea and Navya sets 


    Which look will you be wearing? Tell us in the comments below!